Monday, August 13, 2007

Laundry, tons of laundry to do today. Being gone for a week means the house is knee high in trash, dirty clothing and bottle caps on every floor. Whistle the Cat keeps bottle-cap soccer going all the time.

I felt rested today. I hit the wall Friday night, all day Saturday and after the hours on Sunday, felt that I should crawl to a corner and just snore. Not that I snore. If I did make any noise, it would be a gentle purr so comforting to the hearer that he wouldn't remember it the next morning.

The YCW Conference wore me out. I love all of it but kept later and earlier busy hours than I do usually. I was the one to tell all the party gals to "go to bed" Thursday night after the second shift of partiers began to laugh like monkeys.

I'm missing the conference women. I loved their voices, ideas and energy for ministry. I loved hearing different ways of approaching preaching with our leader and feel that the combo of Festival of Homies in May and this Testimony conference have upped my preaching mojo.

Here's a note for Zorra: thanks for letting me know that "fireball eucharist" is from Walker Percy and means "fibroids in the uterus". I woke up the other night, before I read your comment and thought, "Rats! I got that wrong!".


St. Casserole


zorra said...

I love "fireballs of the Eucharist". Just saying the words brings out my inner mystic. At least once in our lives, may we each experience fireballs of the Eucharist.

But not of the wahjibah.

Diane said...

bottle cap soccer! I remember that game! (also she played it with refrigerator magnets...)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're rested up now!!

Littlemankitty said...

bottle cap soccer should be an olympic sport.

Me and Whistle and Fish would join up and go for the Gold!@!!!!!!

Teri said...

I apologize on behalf of all of use 2nd wavers for the monkey laughing. We were even warned to be quiet, but something (I can't even remember what) got us all out of control....ultimately we were glad you sent us to bed. we woke up very tired.