Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey! I'd blog more but I'm busy driving three hours to 2 hour meetings!
Cleaning up after messy people! Writing a sermon! Watching the Weather Channel (this is high season for hurricanes)!

Praying for friends
Getting LS settled at the University
Driving LD to various activities but not school because she is in a car pool
Writing letters asking for rebuilding funds for my congregation
Doing laundry


St. Casserole


Mary Beth said...

I think reading should be on the list BEFORE cleaning up after messy people! Just my 2 cents.

(Did you realize the computer keyboard doesn't have a cent sign!?)

I'm just about to get me a Domestic Goddess...yes, now that the 18 year old has moved out. Not sure how that works, but we are not appreciably less messy, and gravity and time are causing me to be tired and crankier, no matter who lives here and makes the mess.

Oh, and he still shows back up and snacks.

Songbird said...

Aren't you also busy planning a big party for Whistle and Fish?

Littlemankitty said...

yeah, what about whistle and fish's party? you should hold it at chuck-e-cheese.

zorra said...

If you're getting the laundry done today, I hope that means you can put your feet up for a little while tomorrow, or go do something fun.

1-4 Grace said...

Still no word on W and F's party?
Come on...what about the cake? What about the party favors? What about the games?
Is a Kittycat gonna jump out of a cake shaped like a tunafish?
Don't forget the chicken flavored punch with cream sauce.