Friday, August 10, 2007

Slept well last night in air conditioning + fan! Good times.

This lovely, well-planned conference will be over in a few hours. I will miss Hogwarts. Sitting under the giant trees on the Cathedral grounds with coffee this morning, I looked around trying to memorize the grounds. No little black squirrels came out looking for the giant acorns. Perhaps they were listening to the 7:30 am. Eucharist inside the Cathedral. Troops of conferees passed me on their way to Chapel.

We need traveling mercies for all those leaving today for home. We've got women from as far away as Oregon.

I am so glad I came to the conference. I'm so glad I had a peaceful week at Hogwarts.

Y'all doing ok?,

St. Casserole

P.S. I'll be home this evenin'


Mary Beth said...

Been great to read you! Safe travels to you and all...

Cathy said...

Welcome back home -- I know what you mean about memorizing what you have seen - that's a beautiful place.

Glad you found air conditioning. Are you going to divulge where you found it?

Sue said...

Safe travel to all. Nice work on the air conditioner. There must be a story attached to this fine tell.

Lorna said...

did you change hotels?

liked the idea of squirrels going to the early morning Eucharist :)

Did you know we still have the red kind here.

They'd LOVE giant acorns :)

Alex said...

I am so glad I got to meet you this week. Thank you for everything! :)