Friday, August 03, 2007

School starts today. Amazing, isn't it? August 3???
How can the end of summer vacation be this early? Our district plans for hurricane days to intefere with the mandated number of school days.

I fuss every year about having to end my time with the children so soon.
LS returns to university in two weeks. It's time for him to go back because he is the expert in everything without grace or patience unless it concerns him. He needs to be with his peers to allow his parents some quiet peace.

Ah! But has this been the sweetest summer with LD? Oh, yes!
Who knew that a 15 year old girl could be the happiest company I could wish for?

In a Praise Report, under Will Wonders Never Cease, I testify that she wanted: a pair of my shoes, two purses and two necklaces for her closet! Unbelievable that Miss 15 considered my stuff for her own.

Here's the funniest part:


Excuse me while I go howl with laughter and irony....


St. Casserole


Preacher Mom said...

I hate to see the end of summer vacation. We still have two weeks because they moved our start date back this year - support the tourist industry and all - but it will be here too soon.

I enjoy my 15-year-old so much. I am always quite lonely when the back to school schedule takes her away from me so much.

LOVE that she took your mug! I'm not sure mine would do that!

reverendmother said...

Oh, I pray for a relationship with my girls like you have.

Can't wait to see you in just a few days! You're gonna get hugged but fierce.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

*snickers* Too funny!!

I love my relationship with my daughter too. Such a blessing to have a child and a friend isn't it?

PPB said...

For real? School doesn't start here for another MONTH!

So, did you give up your stuff to the daughter?

And to parents everywhere sending their children who know it all back to college: you're welcome.

Kathryn said...

It does hurt, doesn't it, that sending them off again...specially as my beloved Hattie Gandhi informs me that when she takes on the lease of her student house on 1st September that will be her real home. At 20. Ouch. Boys have only been only holiday for 2 weeks so far, we have 4 left to enjoy and it is such joy having time with all 3..we had a wonderful mother/daughter break in Cornwall this week, and HG is definitely the easiest person on the planet to holiday with. I'm hoping that will continue to be part of our lives no matter what...though she won't carry my revgals tote bag!

Lorna said...

15 year old daughters are the best :) This year has been wonderful with her. Don't have a revgals mug for her to borrow /steal and we don't drink coffee anyway ... but my earrings etc are used a lot

Presbyterian Gal said...

I remember that at 15, as my mother had the audacity to diet down to MY size, then it was only fair that her stuff was mine to use as well.

LOL that she took the RGBP mug!!! !Wait! There's a RBBP mug!! Where? I must shop.......

Sue said...

It does seem early for summer to end, doesn't it?

I love that she took your mug!

Boys are so different - I can't convince mine to take their own stuff out of my house, let own anything of mine!

revabi said...

Laughing right along with you, and thinking ahead way ahead.

Cathy said...

We have been in school a week and the children started today.
Something doesn't feel right when you begin school in July.
They do it so the semester ends prior to the Christmas holidays. Bah. Humbug.

Linda said...

tell LD i said happy first day of school...and that in my heart i am mourning the end of summer with the rest of you!!!

Sophia said...

Thinking about you and your son reminds me of my poor parents when I went away to college! I was the oldest and didn't rebel in high school, but once I went away... Yikes. I definitely knew everything about everything and they couldn't wait for me to head back to school at the beginning of each semester.

The good news is that it gets better right after graduation (if not sooner) when the Real World takes over. Then you'll get all sorts of calls for help and advice (Mom, how do you cook xyz? I was so busy letting you do it I never noticed... or Mom, I think I smell gas in my apartment, who do I call? or Mom, where do I go to find furniture I can afford on my pitiful little salary? etc., etc.) Trust me.

It stays like that too, especially once they have kids. The exception to that rule is if they go to seminary in their early 30's. Then they will think they know everything again! (oops, I'm projecting my story again, sorry!) :-)