Sunday, August 05, 2007

I leave before 6am. tomorrow to make my way up the East Coast to Washington. You can't get anywhere from I live. All trips are arduous.

I'm going to the Young Clergywoman's Project at the College of Preachers. I told my congregation about the Project and my participation in it. They applauded me!

I'm thrilled to be attending.

I am trying to be brave.

Leaving home in August, during Hurricane Season, isn't something I do. Last time I traveled in August (to go to the Presbyterian Heaven in Western North Carolina) was in about 1989. A hurricane threatened and I was too far away to get home, with a baby along, to secure our home. I get very testy about how Mr. C. turns off the lights and shuts the door for hurricane prep. I do all sorts of lengthy arrangements: prescriptions filled? food bought? cat/dogs all arranged? house inventory photographed? insurance papers handy? yard/pool furniture secured? etc etc etc etc. It saves my emotions to be at home getting ready.

However, my joy about being with friends at the YCP tipped the balance towards being brave and heading to Washington.

I hope to see you there.

Look for me. I'll be the dour short clergywoman wearing sensible shoes and the Tonette Perm hairdo. Sorta like Delores Umbridge but without so much pink.


St. Casserole


Cathy said...

I had to find out who Delores Umbridge was, but I did not have to wonder what a Tonette Perm was. I haven't heard of that in Years, but I know I had one .... long time ago.

sherry said...

You just email me (songbird or rm have it) and I'll supervise the hurricane prep....if husband drives me bleepin nuts when we get ready for a storm.

On the other hand, Last night I watched a lengthy explanation from the weather guy about how the dust storms in Africa have kept the sun from warming up the Atlantic and that means that things are less conducive to hurricane formation.

I knew I hated to dust for a reason.

Teri said...

Can I just say that I am beyond excited to meet you tomorrow?????????????????

I can't wait.

I'm sorry you have to leave so early. It makes my 7.15 departure from home and flight on my least favorite airline seem much more do-able even in my tired state.

yay! see you tomorrow!!

Alex said...

Safe travels! See you tomorrow.

PPB said...

It will be okay.
Whistle will take care of hurricane prep.

Sue said...

St. C. you are so NOT Delores Umbridge!

Enjoy your time at the YCP gathering!

LadyBurg said...

Have a wonderful time!!! Wish I could join you all. So close and yet I still won't get to meet you. Ugh.

Lorna said...

"Sorta like Delores Umbridge but without so much pink."

oh you crack me up.

Imagine this though - I bought a beautiful new jacket for a wedding I'll go to in early September - and wait for it - it's so similar to Umbridge's that I cringe.And I'm short too.

Thank God I'm going for a neutral beige dress with it.

those young women clergy will be so blessed by your love, care and practical ministry. Wish I was there

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You nut!

Have a great time and stop with the worrying!

And I think that you are beautiful!

Nueva Cantora said...

Eeeek! I didn't know I'd get to meet you! I'm SO happy I did!

Mary Beth said...

One word:



can't breathe


love you, have teh FUN!