Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tiding Up

Just a few notes about my delightful D.C. week:

*Everyone of the young preachers in my group did well. I wasn't surprised. It takes courage to preach to peers. They brought a sermon then wrote a sermon for the conference.

*The conference was organized very well. We worked hard but were comfortable. I hope the organizer feels good about all of her work over the past months. I do.

*I frustrated several of the conferees with my comments about dressing as a professional. I spoke without translating my humor and believe I hurt several feelings. I regret this massively.

*I have never returned home from a conference knowing massive quantities of personal information about the speaker. Early on, I hopped up to hug the speaker thinking she was overwhelmed by her life's situation. I didn't realize she does this with groups.

*The setting was glorious. I loved the music, the worship, the Bethlehem Chapel and the College where we lived. The food was great, too.

*I loved seeing a bloggie buddy I've missed for over a year now. She's doing great and really in the pink of things. Love her! I met great women last week. I hope to see them again.

*Glad to be home! Missed all of you!

St. Casserole


Towanda said...

WHAT are those things on their heads???

Lorna said...

I have an American friend here. We've known each other for 15+ years and at one point were very good friends. But I didn't get her humour -as you say it doesn't always translate -and yeah damage can be inadvertently done.

What I'd like to know though are what are your views on ministers - particularly the female kind -dressing professionally?

You see in Europe we are so much more casual - about dress.

Another American friend here - said 'I'm travelling back home (New England) like a European. Only two outfits for the whole time!" because she planned to shop there (much better sizings and of course prices)

but while it made me laugh (and it IS funny) I realised it's so true. When travelling from Europe we don't pack a new outfit for each day we'll be away and a couple of extras for unforeseen occasions - assuming we even own that many :)

blessings -welcome back home! I say it again those young clergywomen were so lucky to have you there to encourage them on in their preaching! Wish you lived here :)

Quotidian Grace said...

I absolutely LOVE those pictures!!

PPB said...

Oh, St. Cassie, you are who you are. I could tell you were joking--but you have an excellent deadpan. If people were upset by it, they just didn't know you well enough. It happens. Apologize to those who were hurt, and don't stress out about it. I'm glad you had a good time.

LadyBurg said...

Glad it was such a good week! Glad you didn't melt as well.

reverendmother said...

I wasn't there that evening but agree with PPB--we could all do well to borrow a page from Al-Anon and "take what you like and leave the rest."

I agree with what you reportedly said about hair grooming and product. That's why I have the Mom Cut. It's boring and utilitarian but it takes little time and not much product. Having hair that's out of one's way is not a gender issue, it is a presentation issue. Hair in the face is distracting, as is people playing with their hair in the pulpit, and it doesn't matter whether the person is male or female.

Oh, and actually, the speaker's level of sharing was VERY unusual for her. I knew the history and was sitting there going, "She's not really going to go there... ohmigod, she just went there." I thought it was gutsy and risky and imperfect. It probably turned some people off, and I cringed at times, even as I was proud of her for saying what she did. As one cut from similar cloth it seemed like a big step for her, somehow, to say "This isn't just academic for me. I have a stake in this personally."

But others might have seen it differently.

LittleMary said...

oh my. it is really stupid if you offended people. you said what needed to be said, and i support your grooming comments wholeheartedly. if they are offended, they don't have a sense of humor. thanks for speaking some TRUTH!