Monday, August 20, 2007

News from the Neighborhood

Our colleague, Edward O'Connor, will leave the Gulf Coast to become Dean of the Cathedral in Jackson. Edward accomplished many things during his time here. I am sorry to see him go. He mentored a clergy pal of mine, calmed his congregation, preached well (so I heard) and moved his congregation forward after the hurricane. One of his great skills is his ability to listen. You know he hears you when you speak. I told Mr. C. that I was going to try to be a great listener like Edward so I cocked my head and stared at Mr. C. Finally, after being silent for several seconds, Mr. C. said, "Now you've gone creepy on me." Let me work on this...

We at Little Church heard from our denominational funders this week about our hurricane rebuilding grant. We received about 1/10th of our asking. I suppose that we didn't receive more because we haven't spent our cautiously saved funds down to zero (how can a tiny church of older people do this???) and have not cleaned our membership rolls since before the storm. We didn't think it wise to notify members that we were deleting them from our rolls after the storm. It would be another loss for them even it they aren't attending.
So, here we are, almost two years from the storm, without the funds to repair our church building. The building is secure and functional but has broken sheet rock, shows storm damage and looks bad. We put in new windows, replaced the roof, replaced the front columns and porch flooring, added ceiling fans and now we need to finish. We waited all this time, having been told that the millions donated by the faithful would complete our repairs. We applied for the money last Fall. We heard this week.
Very little of the needed work can be done by unskilled volunteers.
We are stuck. Pray for us.

The Southern Gulf is getting pounded by Dean the Hurricane. Lord, have mercy on your people there!

Fish the Cat's leg is healing well! Dr. Jen, our dear Vet before the storm, was back at Dr. D.'s Saturday! She watched Fish walk and trot then pronounced "He's doing great!" Fish returned home exhausted but happy that he may have only two more weeks in his Hermitage (confinement pen).

I feel rushed on Monday's to catch up with last week's leftovers, recover from Sunday and get started on this week's tasks. Do you feel the same?


St. Casserole


Presbyterian Gal said...

Why, yes. I feel exactly the same.

Prayers for your church! That must be so hard.

And Yay for Fish the Cat. Go Fish!

Songbird said...

I do. I do, indeed.
Poor little church, it's terrible to be treated as 1/10th of a church.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

prayer - prayer - prayer... Mocha Java although not much of a cat lover does wish Fish well... and Mondays... yeah a long list of 'to-dos' and 'should dos' and isn't that why we're blogging instead? i keep an old bulletin cover in my office that says "go and work in the vineyard today"... so we will.

Mary Beth said...

Know just what you mean..."the further I go the behinder I get."

Dadgum those church finance people!! We need the TTOJ for sure.

David said...

You are NOT allowed to mention that O'Connor person leaving. If I don't read about it or hear about, I can continue to deny it.
I am very happy for Edward. I am (selfishly) very sad for me. He's far and away my best friend down here...
I hate the money for repairs didn't come. Why does EVERYTHING have to be so difficult? Don't you think folks (some, certainly not all) who are not living this, just can't get it? Maybe it's not their fault, but that's been my experience.

Serena said...

Geez, I hate it you didn't get 10/10th of the $ needed! And, I'm SO GLAD to hear Fish is doing so well! He may get out of that cage close to his 2nd b'day ... nice b'day gift.

1-4 Grace said...

Yeah, that tenth thing sucks big time as yet anotehr hurricnae approaches too.
I am so totally with you about not taking people off the rolls yet.
Folks ahve been thru enough, don't need to feel as if church has booted 'em out or no longer consider them offical.
I have a question, a delicate one.
Since you have little boy kittycats...
Meelch uses his toliet box with both front feet and one back foot on the edge. Is this normal? Is his box not big enough? Is he having issues? Do you think he has a physical problem?

1-4 Grace said...

Glad Fish is doing better!

Sue said...

So sorry about your 1/10th. That sucks.

yay Fish!!!!

1-4 grace ~ our Truffle does the same thing. I think it's a cleanliness thing. If fewer paws touch the litter, she feels less "unclean" or something. As long as Melech is aiming at the litter and not outside the box, I think he's okay.

Erin said...

I am completely heartbroken about Edward, too! He's been such a gift to this community and to so many of us personally. While I know God's given him another great challenge and will provide for Her congregation and friends here, I will be so sad to see Edward go.

Almost as sad as I am to hear about the journey of your little church. I don't know if there is anything I can do (I'll check) but pray for you guys. I do have a hammer, though.....

My heart is with you always.

St. Inuksuk said...

What a major disappointment for you and the church of St. Stoic.
To think our little country church was one of the highest (percentage wise) givers in our Presbytery for Katrina PDA and so where is all the money going? Our church's mission committee also gave a small donation to the S. Louisiana presbytery to buy building materials.
Will pray that God will make a way for you all.