Thursday, January 20, 2005

Another Cartoon Character Stands Accused

Is there not enough to do in this world? Have we conquered poverty, pain and character flaws so convincingly that we must now turn our thoughts to BAD cartoon characters?

Those of you wearing Sponge Bob Squarepants slippers are in trouble. According to the Christian right, Sponge Bob holds hands with Patrick and has an agenda. Go here and repent:

Holding hands is peaceful and comforting. I hold hands with my children and spouse. I would hold hands with my friends if the cultural obstacles weren't so distracting. Holding hands is a lovely thing. Not sexual. Just friendly.

Hey folks! How 'bout we commit ourselves to justice for all, doing away with greed, providing racial reconciliation? Stopping hunger and homelessness? Could we do things which require time and effort instead of blasting cartoon characters?

Glad you stopped by. Have a comment?


the reverend mommy said...

Bad Taste, perhaps.
Inane, Yes.
Threatening to my children's developing sexualtiy, you have to be kidding.

Songbird said...

I have to admit it. I am a Sponge-0-Phobe. I really, really don't like SpongeBob. But now I need to get on his team. How frustrating!
Seriously, though, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, even sillier than the Tinky-Winky stuff. And frankly, the youth I know are already accepting of differences to a huge degree compared to their grandparents' generation. People like James Dobson may feel they are riding high now, on the day after the Coronation, but they are ultimately on the way out. I believe this fervently.