Monday, January 31, 2005


The United Methodists have a slogan: "Open Minds, Open Hearts..." (or something like that). As I stood stirring the rice I cooked for supper tonight I thought, "why don't we Presbyies have a slogan?".
We have missions statements, themes for various groups but no slogan.
My guess is that we'd take 10 years to agree on a slogan. In the interest of time, here are some possibilities:

"The Presbyterian Church: We Aren't For Everyone"

"The Presbyterian Church: We Aren't For Everyone But You'll Understand at the End"

"Educated, Verbally Skilled and Ready to Serve Jesus"

"Presbyterians: Not Just for Old Folks"

"Presbyterians: We Don't Mean to Be Picky but Theology is Important to Us"

"You Are Welcome Here: Bring Your Brains Inside With You"

"Sanctified, Predestined and Humbled : The Presbyterian Church"

The Presbyterian Church: We Studied the Bible So We Ordain Called Women"

Ok, ok, I'm getting a tad feisty here. Can you help? Any suggestions?


the reverend mommy said...

Here in North Georgia, we've re-written the slogan,
It's "open hearts, open doors, open containers."
yeah, boy, we have fun -- but ain't no good ol' boy wif an open mind. Are you crazy??

Nightwoodkitty said...

The Presbyterian Church: You are Predestined to Never Understand Calvinism.

The United Church of Christ's slogan is "God is still speaking, ..."

Rev, can you comment on how fundamentalism is an early 20th century response to modernism?

Preacher Mom said...

How about, "Presbyterians - heads above the rest."

We sure are guilty of putting head above heart and emotion! Even so, I love where I am!

PPB said...

Well, of course there's the Frozen Chosen.....and let's not forget the "Tough Week? We're Open Sundays" campaign....never quite caught on......