Monday, January 24, 2005

Things I Know from Women Friends

If I didn't have such great women friends, I'd be miserable. I mean it. What would I do without the amazing group of women I talk, play, worry, plan, work with? Without them I'd be miserable and clueless.

a. hair care stuff will help/fix/improve any hair problem. Product is the key. Good product=good hair.
b. the needed foundational garments (ie. underwear) will fix any figure flooey or flaw. (cf. Nancy Ganz's grippies, etc.)
c. if you have to wear panty hose, wear the correct color. it makes a difference.
d. good make-up is better than cheap nasty make-up if you are over 21 and wear make-up.
e. a roadtrip really helps from time to time as does buying a new purse or new shoes.
f. sitting with a friend over coffee or diet coke is healing.
g. friends understand what it is you are feeling and they will love you through it if it's terrible.
h. laughing with women friends is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.
i. if you don't own party stuff like chafing dishes and extra forks, your friends will bring them to you.
j. if you are really crabby and can't stand human beings, your friends listen to your complaints then forget you ever said anything mean about anyone.
k. your friends will tell you if you have extraneous hairs, nose hangers, clothing tags showing or if your hair looks as if you are without hair care product. ( note: I have never had these situations but I know women who have had these situations).

How's it going for you?


the reverend mommy said...

Thank goodness for my personal fashion consultants -- no road trip this year -- last year we went to New Orleans. Sigh. However we all did the "oooo" and "aaahhhh" thing over my new suit -- $250 retail, $41 on the clearance rack. Ooooo Aaaahhhhh. Also the 45 minute cell phone calls in traffic, planning baby showers together (and saying "aren't you glad we're finished with that" while snuggling baby) (ok, we are just a tad conflicted). Dropping in unannounced and helping fold the laundry. Knowing the best "product" to remove makeup and tone skin.

Hmmm... what else?

Songbird said...

My best old friend, going back to 11th grade, is the one I can call no matter how high or low I am and know she'll be up for listening. She has talked me through single-parenting, dating again, remarrying, but also the basic mom-of-girls stuff, in which she is a year or so ahead of me. Thank goodness for all those free long distance minutes on the cellphone. Now if she would only get on the internet...
My best new friend climbed a mountain to stand up with me at my second wedding. She helped me put on a family birthday party that was mostly for my ex's family, but really for my daughter. She came running to my house and ate oatmeal in my kitchen one Saturday morning after a thrilling sexual escapade. She showed up at my house one night in a rainstorm when we hardly knew each other, because she needed to talk to someone she could trust.
What would I do without them?