Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My World

I imagine my bloggie readers as cosmopolitan, urbane and cool folks. People who can identify wines, discuss the Market and read witty magazines. I like thinking of you all this way.
In my world, libraries ban Jon Stewart's book because it shows nekkid bodies with superimposed Supremes heads. In my world, the local Walmart has a grocery cart of one dollar hats for sale. Every hat is "I'm Proud to be a Democrat." People are poor as Job's turkey but vote Republican because the Republicans are Christian. This is my world.
Not that there aren't flashes of light. Our local police chief is working on his doctorate in adult education (can't remember the initials used for the degree). The Neshoba County murders of the three Civil Rights workers has reopened in the past few days to go after "Preacher" Killen. Killen was acquitted years ago by a jury which included a woman who couldn't vote against a preacher. Other flashes of light are the good hearted people of the state who are marching on the State Capitol because they can't bear to see more cuts to public education. Our infant mortality stats are going down. These things are encouraging.
However, when was the last time you were sitting at supper with your LH and the doorbell rang? Getting up, the LH was greeted by two Southern Baptists who wanted to follow up on a visit our LS made to their church for a Christmas choral concert. These two men asked our son, point blank, "When did you come to know the Lord". Most of us East Coast Presbyies don't know how to answer a question like that because we were baptized as arm babies, raised in the church and don't remember any day that we didn't know Jesus. I answered for the LS but then, who am I? Just a gal.
After the two men left, LS and LH had a discussion about why the Southern Baptists don't ordain women. I was silent and loving every word. LS and LH were snorting with disbelief that any one would tell another Christian that she could not answer God's call to ministry because she was a she. It is absurd that this kind of spiritual suppression continues.
Anyway, just to let you know the Southern Baptists visit door to door. They come to my house.
Just wanted to let you know what goes on around here.


Anonymous said...

But, Oh what a sad world it would be if everyone thought as I do. Clones of myself, endlessly prattling away about things I just said or things I know I thought about before them. Eternities of knowing how every vote, every movie, and every conversation would end. Hell is what it would be.

I love living in a place that is unlike me, that helps me define myself, that constantly churns up in the hopefully deep soul of 50 plus fellow, moral indignation, ethical outrage, logical befuddlement at other's reasoning, and a great wonder at the fantastic diversity of action to the same stimuli.

St. Chickenfriedsteak

Nightwoodkitty said...

I know wines, laugh at witty magazines, and live in a university town/blue enclave. I go to meetings of grey-haired liberals who make assumptions that everyone in the room believes the same things. Still, there is no end to diversity in human thought. Our little southern town, as any Yankee would be quick to say, "is still fighting the civil war." We had a Sturm und Drang talkfest (pardon my German) leading up to a change in a major road to MLK Jr. Boulevard [every town seems to have one - couldn't they have picked something more interesting? Macolm Xpressway was my suggestion]which angered business owners along the road, and, the University is rescinding a faculty award to women because it was named for a woman who in 1870 was a "white supremacist." Sorry, but what white people in 1870 were not? And, they are beating up on a stone-deaf widow, who was not allowed to vote nor to attend the University she has been honored for championing. Anyway, point is, there are things to struggle over wherever you are. As long as you have that critical mass of people around you with whom you can "speak short hand" and share values, I would imagine Backwater is stimulating in its own way.

the reverend mommy said...

I feel that I cross an invisable boundry every day -- I go from your solid Republican/suburban little town, to the urbane and hip "university" area where no one would *dare* even think the word "republican." I kept on wanting to break out with "give peace a chance" with *both* populations.

I get tired of the rhetoric -- it becomes so "us" and "them." Even in the church -- when I escape and go to the local Episcopal church for mid-week Eucharist, I get the feeling they reguard me as part of the "unwashed masses."

Hmmm... I'm tired and I don't think I'm making much sense tonight. Time to watch BattleStar Galactica. (Oh Yeah!)


Aola said...

Well, ya'll must really need saving if the Baptists are going door to door.

We only get Jehovah Witnesses here in my neck of the woods.

thanks for the smile