Saturday, January 08, 2005

Arriving at Adulthood

I thought I became an adult when I turned 21. Or, when I got my first "real" job. Or, when I bought my first sofa for my first apartment. Maybe I became an adult when I committed myself to marriage or had a miscarriage or perhaps it happened when I found my first wrinkle. But, I was wrong. Dead wrong.
I am an adult tonight, officially. I have arrived at that place children dream of where adulthood flames up high.
This is a big moment for me and I'm sharing it with you, my bloggie pals.
Tonight, I, St.Casserole, shepherd of a flock, wife of the LH, mother of LS and LD, sister of LLS and owner of not one but two lipsticks, am an adult.
Just moments ago the LS, who is 17, announced with certainty that I am OLD.
I am old-fashioned, have old ideas, don't understand and am rather hopeless at catching the drift of someone who is not OLD as I am.
I've been told this before by both of my children but tonight the accusations came together like a well-mixed cake batter. I am OLD.

So, I'm an adult. I have turned into my Mother and Father and all the old folks who came before me.
What's going on with you?


Anonymous said...

First,age is a relative term. One of my children once described one of our neighborhood's early teenagers as "that man"; of course, my child was just 4 at the time.

Second, age is the main defense of the young. We used it (don't trust anyone over 30) and we also did not think our parents understood us. We are all correct. We never truly understand--- empathize, remember, sympathize, but not really to-the-core-understand.

Third, I believe we are all adults once a parent dies. It sadly marks our having to take over emotionally; however, the other demarcation can be simply realizing that we are channelling our own parents' comments to their grandchildren.

Finally, cheer up! The one true pleasure of age is being able to drive teenagers nuts. Enjoy old fartism. Embrace it.

St. Liverandonions

Anonymous said...

and recall for a moment your own vow as a child what you would do when "old" enough: starting with staying up late.

LD needs to canvass her cronies' parental habits. How many of them sell on eBay for fun and profit? How many blog? How many have ever forwarded a Snoop Dogg translator site?

Old? How five minutes ago of her!


Aola said...

When I turned 25 my son (who is 33 now) told me "Well, Mom it is all down here from here."
Tonight,(25 years later) my 17 year old told me "You rock!!"

So, I guess you just take the good with the bad and keep on smiling.