Monday, January 31, 2005

My Work as Security Guard for Estate Sale

The estate sale went well for the sellers. I served as security and ran from inside the large home where the sale was held to outside to the garage sale items.
I'm fascinated with what sells and what remains. The pristine '70's furniture and accessories didn't sell. The tacky curio cabinets, newer reproduction furniture and many decorative plates (Norman Rockwell and GWTW) blew out the door. Beautiful sterling candlesticks both antique and contemporary lingered until prices dropped on Saturday. Crappy glass pieces (unsigned, unlovely) were hot to buyers.

If I ran a shop, I'd starve. I don't know how to pick what people will buy and I can't get enthusiastic about stuff I despise.

The Victorian jewelry pieces were 14kt. and genuine. They did not sell. Nor did the antique monogramed coins or award pieces sell. This surprised me as the antique jewelry was priced reasonably. Gorgeous stuff. I'd have bought some but didn't have the buckage.

The antique boys put what they consider junk in the garage sale. You fill and box with what you want then they give you a price. I dug through the tabletops and boxes underneath the tables to find a sterling yacht club trophy, new pen set, large American flag, odd vintage Christmas tree ornaments and some of the dirtiest silverplate flatware I've ever tried to polish. A sterling spoon heaved up in the gross flatware, though. The flatware will keep me busy trying to clean it while watching tv. Remember, I'm the only person in the state who enjoys polishing silver.

I like watching people as they shop, confer on pieces and make purchases. So different from my ususal world that although the three days wore me out physically, I enjoyed the work.

What is it about digging through junk that appeals to me? Why do I risk life and limb going through curb piles, old boxes at sales and the charity shops looking for stuff? I buy less than I did before because I'm changing my heart about owning things but I still enjoy the search.

Many people can't stand anything that isn't brand-new or full price. Except for clothing, food and furniture, I can't get too excited about new things. I do want clean furniture and clothing but new and full retail seems silly to me. I suppose if you do not have time to shop, you grab what you can reach without regard to price. Or, if you live without a car or adequate public transport you have shop where you can. If you have no money and must have a sofa, you do the rent-to-own or credit card thing.

I wish there was somehow to put people who need furniture and appliances together with people who want to give away those things. People give away the most amazing things everyday. It's too bad there isn't a way to connect the needers and givers.

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Aola said...

I love auctions. I love to look for the hidden treasures. I used to go a lot but got weary of complaining, bored children and stopped.

One of these days.