Saturday, January 01, 2005


Do something good for yourself and your community tomorrow. Go to Church. Go to the place where people gather to focus on God and the concerns of God. You may not know anyone there but that doesn't matter right now. What does matter is that you place yourself where you can spend an hour, at least, in a sanctuary with God's people. Sit quietly, read the liturgy, listen to the prayers, pray, sing or read the lyrics to the hymns. Honor the deep stirrings of your own heart for God by going to where God is worshipped.

Rather than tell me why going to Church isn't the thing for you, go anyway. You'll be with people who want to be close to God and be God's people. Are they perfect? No. Are you perfect? No? Great! You'll fit right in with them.

Are you angry with the Church for letting you down years ago or last year? Great! You must care or you would be indifferent. Do you avoid every situation which reminds you of being angry? Not much of a life for you.

Sermon not what you'd like? Then listen and consider what you would say to make the Gospel real for listeners. Hymns old fashioned or too cool for your tastes? No problem. How would you make music to celebrate God? People dressed differently than you? If so, this gives you a chance to check if you are superficial about the appearance of those around you.

Are you bored? Go to Church. Grieving? Go to Church. Content with yourself and your life? Go to Church.
Concerned about your world? Not very hopeful about your future and the future? Go be with a community which is attempting to live as God's people in THIS world.

My mother said that the very Sunday we don't want to go to Church is the Sunday we need to go to Church.

Let me hear from you. I can respond Sunday afternoon. I'm going to Church tomorrow.

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