Tuesday, January 18, 2005

What fashion do you follow? Who influences how you dress yourself?

I found a long sleeved cotton madras shirt dress at a charity store in my size. Bought it. Put it on (after washing and ironing; have cootie fears.) Wearing the June Cleaver shirtdress I was taken back to Junior High School (aka Middle School) in a flash. So evocative of years ago. I looked again in the mirror and realized I was looking like a freshly pressed bag lady who'd scare the strangers at the grocery store. Put dress in box for charity store donations.

I look at my younger pals and see that they wear styles popular during their college years. I look at kids at the Mall to see what style they wear. My older gal pals either wear clothing that is up-to-date gently or dress in pieces they bought years ago. Up-to-date gently works better on older gals then baring their tummies and wearing baby t-shirts. Really. Think about it.

Some older gals keep the hairstyle they wore in their forties, thirty years ago. I'm fascinated with this. Don't they get bored with the same hair, year after year?
Some gals I know wear those knit separates with little appliques of animals, etc. Can't follow light on those choices.
Many refuse to wear jeans unless the jeans are dry-cleaned pressed.

The oddest look to me is the Suburban Sex Babe ensemble. What's with that? Girlie clothing with lots of flash.
Older gals dressing this way is odd. Not that I think older gals need to look like old biddies but really, isn't it time to pick another style?

I want to be comfortable in my clothing. Warm when I'm cold. Cool when it's hot outside. Comfortable without being boring. Accessible as a serious kind of gal.

What's going on with you and your style? What am I forgetting? Have I gone so light-weight in this blog that I need to hush for few days? Comments, please.


Songbird said...

Most of my clothes come from LL Bean or Eddie Bauer. I like to wear cotton all year round, because wool itches. My clothes are practical, a little more dressed-up than most of my parishioners, but not all that dressed-up in the greater scheme of things.
My favorite new outfit is actually a pair of pajamas I bought at Wal-Mart just before Christmas: white flannel drawstring pants with a snowman pattern topped with a red cotten knit shirt. I have never been more comfortable. Why can't I preach in these? (Okay, just kidding about that part.)
More from me down below about small churches.

Nightwoodkitty said...

Here in blue college town, people don't dress up in a fixy, make-up way. Only bankers wear suits. Even lawyers are casual.

I attribute this largely to a generational, sporty casualness. What would make this change? That is a scarey thought.

As long as I am clean and have lipstick on, and a decent haircut, I feel OK.

PPB said...

My clothes are :
a) Talbot's outlet (would have been sort of stylish last year, but are no longer sorta stylish and were dirt, dirt cheap)
b) things mom thinks I should wear and buys for birthdays and Christmas
c) things sister thinks I should wear and buys for birthdays and Christmas
d) LL Bean

I tend to go for cheap, free, and preppy/outdoorsy. I can't really understand the current look. I don't want to see anyone's underwear or tummy. Guess I'm getting older since I'm complaining about youngun's clothes!

I like your blog.

Exchange Editor said...

I gave the majority of my clothing away very recently. I figured if I hadn't worn it in 2 years, I probably wasn't going to wear it. I'm down to 5 pairs of pants (3 jeans, 1 black fuzzy, 1 black dressy), and a couple of dozen turtle neck, a couple dozen jackets/tops. I have three suits with skirts and that's about it.

My children want me to go on something "A Makeover Story" because I dress "boring" but what's a pastor supposed to look?

rev mommy -- not exchange editor

Songbird said...

Wouldn't it be fascinating to see what the folks on "What Not to Wear" would do with a clergywoman?

Preacher Mom said...

My 13-year-old is really into "What Not to Wear" and similar shows these days. I watch them with her fairly frequently and am beginning to become a bit self-conscious. I'd hate to see what they would do with this clergywoman!

I love my jeans (waist is too high), and my 'standard' work clothes (too much black, gray, and navy - preacher colors!), and my comfortable flat shoes (out of style). Sometimes I wonder if I have become too practical and frumpy in my old age. (I turn 40 in a couple of months!)

I must confess, however, that the clothes I buy when my daughter shops with me always get positive comments. And usually they are clothes that I would never have even tried on without her persuasion. Who would have dreamed that black capris with pink polka dots and a pink sweater would ever get positive reviews on me?!

Aola said...

It just has to be comfortable. I wear mostly jeans but keep thinking at 50 I ought to find something more age appropriate but just can't seem to get into anything else except a pair of sweats around the house. I do love Eddie Bauer tee shirts but most of their stuff is just overpriced.