Sunday, January 23, 2005

Squirrels in the Pine Grove

A brilliant shining full moon glows through the pine trees here in the grove. It's a cold night for us. I re-filled the bird and squirrel feeders, watered the plants in the courtyard and told the squirrels to go to the greenhouse if they got cold.
Actually, I only thought that the squirrels should take shelter in the green house. I don't tell our squirrels anything. They tell me. Squirrels in the grove let me know when they need more feed, which cats they detest, where the eagle has been and have shown me that there is no peace in the kingdom.
Is it just my squirrels or do all squirrels fuss? Territorial battles, food fights and general crankiness all cause loud squirrel cussing on the ground and in our trees.
The LH saw a program on squirrels and sunflower seeds. According to the program, squirrels love sunflower seeds and if given a menu choose the seeds over anything else. Sunflower seeds don't have the nutrients squirrels need so it's like a diet of Snickers and Hershey's bars which causes either loss of fur or change of color. I don't remember which happens but I do know the St. Casserole Squirrels are very fat. I offer them corn in the feeder but they just kick the corn to the ground and bang on the window for sunflower seeds.
How's it with you?


Aola said...

I haven't seen much of our squirrels lately. I think maybe our herd of cats keep them at bay. The birds don't seem to be bothered much by the cats though. They are waiting for me every morning. I have a small breakfast area by the front window so I can watch them while I have my morning coffee and read a bit. I love that time of day before the kids get up and all is quiet.

St. Casserole said...

Yep, that quiet before the children start bellowing is a lovely time. I hope your squirrels come back. They may be eating sunflower seeds at your neighbor's feeder.
Thanks for your comments!

PPB said...

It's some small comfort knowing that I'm not the only species that would choose a diet of candy over health food. The difference being, of course, that I know better. Wonder if squirrels do?