Sunday, October 02, 2005


I drove my usual road to the Church watching for debris piles fallen onto the pavement. Trees down, houses with blue tarps covering ruined roofing and too much roadkill on an empty stomach provided the pictures for my drive.
The Little Town is damaged but, excuse me for saying this, not as badly as my area. The storm surge didn't reach that far but tornados, torrential rain and great wind did.

I was so glad to see the Church that I sat inside my car at the curb and stared. The roof damage is easy to see although the roof pitch is high like old-fashioned churches. The trees took heavy blows but the Carpenters for God in Orlando cleared the grounds. The Elders said of this fine work crew, "It would have taken us a year to do what they did in a few days!" Another church, way up North, sent boxes upon boxes of pump sprayers (to kill mildew/mold), toiletries, toothbrushes, underwear, socks, t-shirts and shoes. The congregation looked at the stuff. I told them it was for them and if they didn't need it, would they please give it out to their neighbors. With delight, they took most of the stuff saying, "I could use some new drawers...", and "Look!,these socks are MY size!" It's not easy for self-sufficent people to accept things they enjoyed going home from church with new, clean, never worn underwear,etc. All the toothbrushes left, too. Nothing like fresh socks, clean drawers and a new toothbrush to spruce up a hot October day after the Big Blow.

I stood in the pulpit and looked out at every single person on my roll, minus 2. Everyone was in worship! I felt as happy as I've felt since the Storm seeing my folks. We sang, prayed, had the Lord's Supper (note to self: keep looking for grape juice, you will find it. Thanks for not taking the grape fanta soda in for the service)and loved one another.

We got on a list to have the roof repaired. We updated our needs assessment for the congregations who have "adopted" us out of state and prepared for the next group who is coming to help us.

I am elated. Thanks be to God for allowing me to return to my people and find them well and able.

Thanks to you, too, for your prayers.

With Contentment,
St. Casserole


seawitch said...

That's the best part. Seeing all the faces and realizing that they are OK!! I had the same elation about members from the church I used to go to and about the people I work with. It was good to see and hug them.

mibi52 said...

Welcome home, dear St. Cass! I am so glad you are back amongst your people (how is Andy the cat doing?).

We've partnered with an Episcopal church in Pascagoula. A couple of other Episcopal Churches in our diocese are joining us in this. Debating whether I can get down there to help out ,given my limited skills at hammering (though I'm a pretty good scrubber!) We already gathered underwear, toiletries, socks, etc, but we hadn't thought of the sprayers for mold/mildew battles.

How wonderful to be able to rejoice in each other again!

cheesehead said...

O Cass, your good news brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad that you are back among your people.

Thay are so blessed to have you, as are we.

Aola said...

I love this post Mrs. C, you sound like yourself again.
So glad you are home.

thankyoudarlin said...

I'm so glad you're home. It seems everytime my people are in crisis it is so much easier being with them than being away. Welcome home.

Mary Beth said...

God blessing you all! Wonderful to hear of your reunion and that your folks were willing to accept what was sent with such love.

I, too, am hoping to get down that way. My parish is partnered with Trinity Episcopal church in Pass Christian. Hoping to get over there in early November. Save some mold for me...or at least a big hug.

Norma said...

This is wonderful news. Glad the church and congregation are up and running. It's nice to know the results of some of those practical, small gifts.

Purechristianithink said...

Welcome home! What a joy to be back among your people. My parents' church has been making trips to Gautier Pres. with donations and workers. My Dad went one weekend and said it was pretty bad. Our prayers are with you.

peripateticpolarbear said...


peripateticpolarbear said...


Sue said...

How wonderful! you and your family and church family remain in my prayers.

Kathryn said...

Family reunions are wonderful...Blessings on all of you.