Monday, October 31, 2005

Regular posting will resume when I finish reading Pullman's THE GOLDEN COMPASS unless I begin the second book of the trilogy which will delay bloggage further. Please direct all correspondence to Whistle or Fish, the kittens.


see-through faith said...


Mary Beth said...

Dear Whistle & Fish,

Tell St. C. that we'll be waiting right here when she gets back!


cheesehead said...

Dear Whistle and Fish,

Please tell St.C. that I sent her an important e-mail to the last e-mail address I had for her. If she does not get it, would you please suggest to her that she e-mail me at my addy on my blog?

Sue said...

I loved the Pullman trilogy!! Enjoy!!

the reverend mommy said...

Dear Whistle and Fish,
Remember your essential cathood. Bat the corners of the pages, sit in the lap and purr. It is your job -- one that must be done. Oh, and preen on the edges of the book and chew just a little. Important cathood behavior.