Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Guest Blogger Whistle the Kitten


I'm a kitten and my brother, Fish, is a kitten and we are kittens.

We were born on August 28, 2005 which everyone knows was the day before Katrina the hurricane. We were born in Picayune, Mississippi which we thought was a big city until we came South to live here.

We are ginger cats and both of us are orange. I am better looking than my brother but he disagrees. I am bigger, which is true, and I make noises like growls, hisses and meows. Fish is quiet but he purrs. Go figure.

Our new human is nice to us. You'd think she'd name us something like, "John" or "Matthew" but she said she was getting a bit tired of dealing with Matthew each week. What does that mean? When Mr. C. suggested "Mark", she said she had recovered from dealing with him last year.

Mr. C named us after a John Prine song. We have no clue what that sentence means. Not. A. Clue. We are kittens whose world view is Mrs. C's study where we keep our litter box, food dishes and furry mice toys.

Mrs. C told someone on the phone (we hear lots because there is a phone on her study desk) that this was the year that Rusty the Greatest Ginger Cat in the World Died and then Assumpta and Dibley (cousins in NC with LD now) came, a dog named "Governor" then the two of us. She said she is running a boarding house for Hurricane Animals. Assumpta and Dibley were from the Humane Society right before Hurricane Dennis.

Anyway, we like it here and Mrs. C gets all sappy and kissy with us. She must like cats. As my brother and I say, "if you don't like cats, what's with you???"

We have to go sit on her lap. She says we are a "comfort" to her and that means we have to pay attention to her. Fine with us. The food is good here and we each have a fur mouse toy.

Gotta go. We have a new cardboard box to jump in and out of. Really.



Aola said...

aaahhhh.. I have two orange kitties, too. Haven't seen much of them in the last few days since Jesse the chocolate lab arrived.

Songbird said...

How completely sweet they are, and how blessed you are to have each other.

Songbird said...

Also, I believe Whistle may have a future as a Southern novelist of the Faulkner School.

seawitch said...

What beautiful kitties!

Texas Jaye said...

I love the orange kitties. My life is so different without my big orange boy. That is it. I am going to the shelter this weekend.

I do have two grey kitties. They are brother and sister. I will blog about the boy kitty tonight.

mibi52 said...

Oh, so cute! And such attitiude (or more appropriately "Cattitude")!

Mia and Spooky had better not read this, or they'll think they can get on my lap and have treats ALL the time instead of most of the time.

Lorna said...

sweet and fun :)

what gorgeous pictures

the reverend mommy said...

I would make kissy on those two myself. They are adorable.

Mary Beth said...

They are just precious! I am so happy that you are allowing yourself these loving new pets.

AND the relief workers!