Thursday, October 20, 2005

Shout Outs!

*Love and sloppy kisses to the Angel up East who is sending boxes of books for our pastors!

*A big Quizzical Arched Eyebrow to the debris removal people WHO ARE BURNING THE DEBRIS SO THE AIR IS FILLED WITH SMOKE ALL DAY LONG as if we didn't have to cope with mold infested/rotting pork bellies, chicken parts and sewage odors while we clean-up. We are under a burn ban because Katrina was followed by a drought but the EPA is allowing debris burning.

*A big Shout Out to Aunts who understand the Power of Tinkerbell Costumes!

*Loud applause to the dreamers and visonaries who plan to start new congregations amidst the rubble on the Coast!

*Thanks be to God for the friendships Mr.C and I have with UMCOR workers!

*Growls and Hisses to the phone company who won't move their wires so our debris can be taken away AND to the debris removal people who won't pick up the debris because the phone wires aren't removed. Great tenacity of spirit thrives in this stand-off.

*The Get Out Your Cattle Prods and Find An Adjuster's Butt to all the insurance adjuters who are causing more damage by taking so durn long to get to homeowners and businesses. Take your vitamins! Get Moving!

*Shout Out to all those I love and all those who love me.

St. Casserole, More Herself Than She Was Last Week


the reverend mommy said...

And a big shout out for St. Cassie, of the shining spirit. You have not been out of my prayers for one single day since the hurricane. and a big shout out for her example of faithful living.
All my love,

Songbird said...

I'm sending an e-mail regarding your earlier post and hope to talk to you about coming South to make myself, as my grandmother used to say, "useful as well as decorative."

reverendmother said...

The "Quizzical Arched Eyebrow" is one for the ages.

Oh, and I also offer the word-verification for this post: "yelck." I think it has untapped potential as a great all-purpose exclamation.

Anonymous said...

Not worthy of the name Angel, but hope the books will be of use to you.

Up North but not ready for Angel Wings.

annie said...

I am so glad to hear you sounding better! I started an email to you this morning because I was a little worried, but I ran out of time and ended up not sending it.

You know, I think they are having that same standoff between our debris haulers and the phone people over here.

A FEMA lady came today to look at damage, and when she left, she backed out of our driveway...straight into the ditch. She had to call a FEMA friend to come pull her out.

We our ins adj Sat...What fun.

annie said...

I left an important word out of my last sentence. We SEE our ins adj Saturday, or maybe we HURT our ins adj this Saturday, I don't know. Pick the verb of your choice to go in the blank!

the reverend mommy said...

hee hee hee
She ran into a ditch.
Somehow that hits my funny bone.