Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Morning

Thank you for sending money for our Humane Society of South Mississippi. I visited with Larry Ray yesterday to see how he fared and to greet his fabulous dogs. He and the dogs are doing well. He was writing notes to thank those who sent money to help the animals. The Storm came when the old shelter was on it's last gasp and the new shelter not quite ready to take care of animals. Assumpta and Dibley thank you for your kindness to them.

Andy is recovering from his post-hurricane injury. The vet didn't know what happened to him after checking for a break in his front leg, cuts, punctures, etc. Andy gets antibiotics everyday just in case. I think he sprained his wrist/ankle. He ate a big breakfast this morning and told me all his troubles. He says that the puppy (oh yeah, a puppy came to live with Mr. C and Junior C while I was gone) is worse than the kittens and that life has gone to the litterbox since Big Rusty left. I sympathized and reminded him that he is the Alpha Cat/Alpha Animal now. This perked Andy up and he sauntered off to check for squirrels.

Mr. C. and I sat on the back porch surveying what used to be our immaculate back yard while we drank coffee and read the newspaper. We started laughing thinking about the Martin House (for birds) which resided over the back back yard. The tall pole holding the house is gone and the house is on the ground. We were hooting that the Martins are trying to contact FEMA for their 2K for rebuilding and wondering how to find the Red Cross help. The Red Cross is doing a great job, I'm sure but durn! they move around so much that people can't find them.

Here's the best part: Ruby didn't move to Chicago and I'm going to see her today. Oh, thank you, Lord! I'll take her around to see what kind of aid is available to her. She doesn't drive so she can't get out to get her errands done. I spoke with her yesterday. She's fine but has no work, no income coming in and needs all the services the good people of the US have to offer. I can't wait to see her.

There is a great deal for me to do here at my amazing-still-standing home after two men, 2-4 relief workers and a pee pee puppie lived here for a month. However, my day is for Ruby and for our dear pal whose church was destroyed and his people gone.

St. Casserole


the reverend mommy said...

I do believe we need pictures of the pee pee puppy.

As much as I dislike routine housework, there is something about it that can calm the soul. Cleaning house is thereputic.

Lorna said...

cleaning house is so NOT therapeutic for me .. just winds me up.

but a pic of the puppy would be great and I loved the thought of the birds looking for (and getting) federal aid

prayers and love still winging their way.

if we can help Ruby in some way could you let us know. Also LD - my daughter has asked after her again. I think in her heart she thinks *that could have been us* ... that's good and bad I guess.

It was my son's exact words after the tsunami. A boy from his school -and his two sisters were swept away in that. And the mother also came home a widow :(

it's been a hard year for so many of us, for so many ways, but I'd like to help your friend Ruby in someway if I can.

please let me know

mibi52 said...

I'm another of the strange folks who (sometimes) finds housecleaning therapeutic. When my mother had her first heart attack (I was 15 years old), I came home and cleaned the house, something I'd never really done before. However, after a pee pee puppy (love the name), I'm not sure I'd find it all that zen-like. The good news is that you've got a house to clean - not to state the obvious or anything.

Tonight's Greek class. Yet another thing I can now focus on, since GREs are safely over and done with.

If I could send you some baked goods or hyacinths to feed the soul, I would. in lieu of that, will a hug and lots of prayers do? The Cass Family is still listed on our parish's prayer list. I consider your congregation part of the Cass Family, of course.

Glad to hear Andy's on the mend.

Dawn said...


Thanks for the poignant sharing of what you've been through/ are going through with your community.
Rev. Dawn

Songbird said...

Big Sam and Miss Molly Dog insist on pictures of Pee Pee Puppy.
I'm so glad to hear about Ruby.
I read your "Aftermath" words to my congregation on Sunday and we prayed for you and your church and family and all around you.

HurricaneHelper said...

Songbird, we felt your prayers. Thank you for praying for us.

Reverendmommy, Pee Pee Puppie pictures on the way. He needs doggie nappies are a better owner (ie, LS who knows close to zip about dogs, God Bless him)

Songbird said...

If a group of Confirmation students from Maine could get to Mississippi during February school vacation, do you think there would be someplace still to put them to work?