Monday, October 10, 2005

Things are getting better...

Life is moving toward "new normal" here. Restaurants re-open with crowds waiting to have a meal fixed in a kitchen and served at a clean table. It's a treat to have a break away from the clean-up.

Those who have homes are taking out the carpet and pad, tearing out the sheet rock so the walls are wood studs to be treated with chemicals. Wet studs dry to harbor mold which has to be coated, soaked and made safe for sheetrock WHEN the contractor arrives. With so many homes to be re-built there aren't enough contractors or laborers to do the work. How do you pick a contractor? Local and known builders are busy until next year or after with jobs and the out-of-state builders are unknowns.

Much of the debris is gone carried off by huge trucks. Piles of ruined carpet and sheetrock are piled on the street these days but this is progress as the tree debris is gone. We have tree debris at our house because the cleaners won't take the debris until the telephone wires are moved. The telephone company won't fix the wires until the tree debris is moved. The standstill continues. Our phones work great, regardless.

People around me look tired, aged, tanned from all the outside work and shell-shocked. Not much eye sparkle. Tense about money. Will the insurance company pay? Is my damage covered? How much will materials cost when I do get insurance money?

FEMA jokes are rampant as are fresh curses on the insurance industry.

The weather has turned a tad cooler.


rev mommy's entropy said...


peripateticpolarbear said...

good stuff coming your way soon, I hope

cheesehead said...

Still praying like mad for y'all.

I'm glad things are better, but I know they still aren't *right*.

will smama said...

We pray for you and yours in church every Sunday. I wish I was a contractor who was able to take a chunk of time off.

In the meantime I keep checking in on you.


Cathy said...

Every week at St. John's, we offer prayers to all of you down in the area of where Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit. We are also sending donations to Episcopal Relief and Development.
Thank you for sharing the woes and tribulations, as well as the joys of this journey you all are on, and as we share.

Lorna said...

It is good to read that some things are moving slowly back to normal - whatever normal might mean now. sigh.

I read a blog entry today which brought home some more of the reality of post hurricane life .. not sure if you read this blog (and you probably have more than your share of horror stories) but this touched me Annie's blog is called new life rising.

Today I just heard of the earthquake in Pakistan. Those poor people too. 2005 has been a horrible year :(

Be blessed dear St C. We're rooting for you. Wish I could send a contractor round to help... :(

deirdre said...

FEMA jokes are a good sign...any jokes are a good sign. I hope/know it will continue to slowly improve. Our thoughts are with you too.