Friday, October 07, 2005

Where Did They All Go After New Orleans?

American diaspora - Katrina

Interesting map of the diaspora.


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Hi there,
I'm also on revgalsblogpals, and I was reading your archives. sometime last year you asked for people to leave a message, say hi. So here I am saying hi. I love reading my favourite blogs, and I feel connected to these people, even though I'm usually just lurking on their sites. But I don't like it when people write comments on my blog. I don't like hearing sometimes trite advice, or patronising comments. I like the idea of people reading my blog, just not the comments. Funny huh. Revgalblogpals isn't really a community thing for me, although I realise it is for others.
I spent a few days away from my computer, and realised that I missed the blogs, the people, I had gotten used to reading about. I was curious about what they were up to. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your archives. I like your thoughtfulness. I like that you are serious about things. I hope life is good.

mibi52 said...

I'm speechless.