Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Positive Thoughts

I don't know how to title this post. Good grief! Please ignore the gallows humor, sarcasm and crabbiness.

*I am thrilled to leave for an upstate Presbytery meeting because I can get at least 200 miles from here. I want to take my LH so he can get a break but he's busy.

*Anderson Cooper, the CNN reporter, impressed me with his Katrina coverage. His anger matched mine although I didn't see his blow-up with Mary Landrieu, D-LA, who I respect.

*I can see the sky and all the stars at night because our backyard tree canopy is gone.

*It's getting cooler here. It was 88 yesterday as a high.

*I received my Sept.5 PRESBYTERIAN OUTLOOK and my early September CHRISTIAN CENTURY yesterday. Our mail is coming in bits and torrents. I read through the CC while getting a pedicure yesterday afternoon.

*The second Sally Lockhart mystery arrived from Amazon yesterday. Yippee! The Golden Compass trilogy, called His Dark Materials?, is now MINE!

*Our house is starting to look as if I live here. Laundry is up-to-date. Refrigerator has food and condiments. (when the power goes off, the refrigerator gets emptied to the bare walls. you loose your horseradish, garlic spreads, fancy pickles and raspberry preserves)

*Going to the grocery store is like a family reunion because I see everyone I know and I'm glad to see EVERYBODY.

*I saw a hummingbird in the courtyard yesterday. Saw a squirrel earlier and a cardinal...

*I have a new appreciation for the Central NC Baptist Men's group Medical Clinic in a church parking lot near our home. God bless them! They've treated all sorts of post-hurricane accidents and miseries for my friends. I'll be sorry when they take down the tent, roll away the RV and go home.

*The pine cones are beautiful this year.


St. Casserole


seawitch said...

Yeah. The mail is getting through. I received a post card asking to help the MDA telethon(held Labor Day) about two weeks ago. The post office is doing a good job of holding back all those pesky bills though!!

Restocking the frig can be fun. I finally found a bottle of Crystal brown mustard and Louisiana Hot sauce!! Essentials, you know.

Songbird said...

Well, that settles it. I was thinking of making an appointment for a pedicure, and I thought, how can I do such a thing when St. Casserole is under such stress and strain?
What color is your toenail polish?

Emily said...

I particularly love the idea of reading Christian Century while having a pedicure. That's a nice touch.

St. Casserole said...

The nail color is an OPI with the word "berry" in it. Good rich Fall color for ecclesiastical feet.

Mary Beth said...

I looove your pedicure stories, St. C!

I've been neglecting my poor feet, but I will have a St. C. Memorial Pedicure this weekend, after all of my international visitors leave. My feet will be pretty tired of tap-dancing by that time!

Cathy said...

Pedicures - love them and I love how my toenails look when I get the French manicure - one time I got little rhinestones across the big toe - SO UNLIKE this earth mama here, but they looked cute on someone else.

Unfortunately my last "pedicure" occured in a podiatrist's office as a result of children stepping on my toes in the classroom and adding insult to injury of ingrown nail. So the pedicures have briefly stopped, but not for long.

Those little tiny rhinestones cost me a whole 3.00 extra :) HEE...


mibi52 said...

I've got a mammogram scheduled for 10 am on Saturday. I think I'll recover from it (being large on top means major squish action) by having a pedicure...just in solidarity with you, of course!The Oct 15 CC just arrived in today's mail, so I'll save it for the pedicure,

And life without condiments is depressing. Glad the frig is filled with the key ingredients once again!

Glad you're doing a bit better, dear.

cheesehead said...

For future pedicures may I suggest my favorite: Red Tent Red, known in the OPI world as "I'm Not Really A Waitress."

the reverend mommy said...

Oooo... a pedicure sounds good. I've got the major squishy thing coming up next week.... I'll get a pedicure to make the squishy pain go away. (Now dear, let me know if this hurts....)

annie said...

I understand your need to get away. Enjoy the trip.

I'm thankful for limited mail delivery and cooler weather too...

now if only the stores and banks would go back to their regular hours AND my phone would get reconnected so I can blog from my own computer! Maybe then, I'd get a pedicure to celebrate!

cheesehead said...

Oh, the squishy-thing...which in my case is usually followed up with the ultrasound-thing and for the past two years with the needle- biopsy-thing. Next month. I almost forgot.


Lorna said...

loved this ---I saw a hummingbird in the courtyard yesterday. Saw a squirrel earlier and a cardinal... it gave a glimpse of the wild life returning which is an encouraging sigh.

pedicures ... mmm do they even do those in Finland

and mail. Mindy (princess) sent me a book in the book swap ages ago - and it's somewhere out there still. Maybe your postman is holding it for me. We haven't had any bills for a while either now I come to think about it, so yeah that must be the reason!

so glad you'll get some time away. May your meeting encourage you and return some strength and joy.