Friday, November 11, 2005

Guest Blogger Andy the Cat

It appears that your Pat Robertson has forgotten the Thumper Rule of Public Journalism: "if you can't say anything rational to the press, say nothing at all."
I believe Mr. Robertson's handlers were eating moon pies and RC colas while Pat was yakking about disasters if you don't agree with him about "intelligent design."
I suggest that Mr. Robertson's handlers get with Tom Cruise's people to enroll in Public Relations 101 at their local under-funded Community College.
Both Robertson and Cruise are religious nuts despite their passion for their beliefs. They do more harm than good when witnessing for their causes.

Andy "Don't bring Dawgs on My Property" Cat


Sue said...

Amen Andy. You 'da cat!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy Casserole,

The Trustees at BARK (Beautiful And Respected K-9s) have asked me to write you about the derogatory remarks of your recent post.

Frankly, I have been so angry at your comments that I chewed two rawhide bones, a shoe, and the Woman owners nice plant. But, I must comment.

If I were insensitive like you, I could remind you that when small children fall into water, we dogs jump in and save the day. I could remind you that when owner shoots birds, no cats jump in and retrieve the catch. Mostly cats leave inedible and damaged birds at the dog, which are not good for anything but rolling and getting that smell on you. If could say that we revere owners and you just use those co-dependent owners. But, I won't. I am BARK. So, fill your litter box with such anti-dog comments, but don't blog them.

Jack Russell
Shepherd,Triever & Terrier
Westminster, NY

reverendmother said...

That's one smart cat.

Purechristianithink said...

Brother, perhaps you would be interested in the organization I chair: Pussycats United against Ridiculous Republicans aka PURR. (Please note, we are not against all republicans, only ridiculous ones.) Let me know if I can send you some of our litterature.

Elizabeth, Queen of Cats

annie said...

I always heard bad things happen when you mix moon pies and RC Cola.

mibi52 said...

Our former interim pastor often co-wrote his sermons with Sandy, his yaller dog (a respected breed over by the Chesapeake Bay). Although it seems Andy has prodigious literary talents (and easily could replace Bill O'Reilly as a social commentator without any of us shedding tears or fur), he might want to recognize that a few creatures of the canine persuasion may have something to contribute to civil discourse.

Vis-a-vis Robertson, someone needs to increase his dosage of the meds...