Monday, November 28, 2005

We arrived in NC yesterday afternoon. The endless drive was enjoyable as the hurricane scene faded behind me and I began to see the rolling hills of Northern Alabama. We drove until I could drive no more then spent the night. LD was spririted, napped several times and a pleasure.

Actual Conversation at Hotel:

Clerk: You are a preacher? I didn't know they had female ministers!
St.C: We've been around for years. Presbyterians began ordaining women in 1956 and 1964.
Clerk: I've never seen one.
St. C: ...dripping irony....they all look like me.
Clerk: Oh, my pastor says it's fine as long as the female is under a man.
St.C: .....silence....

I love being with the Aunts. LD wandered off to school happy. Assumpta and Dibley look healthy and have grown into big teen-aged kitties.

My LLS is taking today off from her work to play.

More later,



Aola said...

My oldest son lives in northern Alabama and says it is beautiful. I hope to get to visit there some day soon.

reverendmother said...

I'm totally in agreement with Hotel Clerk, as long as that man is Jesus.

Sounds like a lovely respite.

Rev. Mike said...

Oh, and here I thought you were covered because of Clifton Kirkpatrick. Oh well, I guess Jesus will do in a pinch. ;)

Emily said...

I think you should make sure to stop there again wearing one of those "Yes, Virginia. . ." shirts.

When I worked in St. Louis they just assumed I was a nun. Which would confuse everyone when they saw me holding hands with my husband (also in collar).

St. Casserole said...

Mike, I have no clue what you mean. I'm trying to follow light on your comment without success.
I'm in NC right this minute.
You doing ok?

Songbird said...

I was going to post something naughty, but reverendmother's answer was better.

annie said...

Oh dear, I am afraid I too was in Songbird's ranks!

Marie said...

I was with Songbird as well. Good thing others are more high-minded. I'm glad the LD was spirited on the trip and that NC is a respite from the grind of hurricane recovery. You are so often in my prayers.

the reverend mommy said...

I was totally with Songbird too. Graphic pictures and everything. And when you combine with the other typical statement "Oh, It's OK as long as she's a missionary" it gets REAL bad.

Kathryn said...

You do cheer me up, my friends :-)
Thanks and hugs
(ooh, and the type verification thingy for me is "Resyped"..which surely must be a type of remedial sandal??)

SingingOwl said...

Hello. I just joined the RevGalBlogPals and am surfng around getting to know folks. I'm so sorry about the Katrina aftermath you are enduring. I went to Mississippi early afterward, and I was changed forever. Meanwhile, I just had to comment on your post. My husband has a shirt that says, "Real Men Marry Preachers." The comments he has received...oh my! People are at a loss. One woman asked us, "So, which one is the preacher?" (Duuuh!) We overheard a conversation in line at a restaurant...two guys behind us trying to figure out what that saying meant. They didn't realize we could hear them, of course. After several goofy said, "Is he gay? Is that it?" The other replied, "I just don't get it." The looks on their faces when I turned and said sweetly, "I'm a pastor." Total befuddlement. Sheesh! Well, nice to "meet" you!

Caroline said...

I'm finding that here in Atlanta, men don't jump at the opportunity to date a preacher. Are there any more men out there that find preachers attractive? :)

see-through faith said...

LOVE the comments :)

Purechristianithink said...

Caroline--try dating Catholics. My husband had a crush on one of the nuns who taught him in elementary school so dating a clergywoman sort of let him work that out. . . .

Anonymous said...


I think I can comment on the last thread. Get your parishioners and friends to find you a lawyer. Here's why:

1) they are professionals like you and understand rules and confidentiality.

2) There are so many of us it seems that the selection has got to be pretty good.

3) the jobs are a lot alike: Mrs. C tells people not to sin and Mr. C, the attorney, tells people to be reasonable about it.

4)We give fresh insight into the religious biz, for instance, we believe RevGals should be paid a good professional wage for what they do, for instance, they should charge for weddings by the hour (Mrs. C won't do this).

5) We sympathize about endless meetings that don't really get anything done.

6) We really, really need to have a minister assigned to each of us.

Mr. C

Quotidian Grace said...

So true, Mr. C-- here are additional reasons lawyers are a good match for RevGals or their Pals

1. They are highly verbal and highly literate--just like you!

2. They can interpret those pesky church financials--so you won't have to!

3. They are also in the service business--so you both understand the demands of your profession are 24/7.

Of course, when my lawyer husband and I got married, I was practicing law, too--but still, it works for me!

mibi52 said...

The alternative is to marry a psychotherapist, as I have.

You have an in-house caring listener when bad stuff happens (like dumb hotel clerks). can't tell you the number of rants that PH has nursed me through!

You have a good sounding board for when it's time to refer a hurting congregant for professional help (harder than it may seem sometimes).

You have someone who also is working in the "soft and squishy" side of life, and understands how the world sometimes doesn't value what we do.

Besides which, mine is really cute!

St. Casserole said...

Dear Mr. C,
You are the best, really. Of all the men I lined up to interview as marriage material, you are the best.
Your old joke about preachers telling people not to sin while lawyers tell them to be reasonable about it is now internet material.
I'm sorry you have a bad case of "Katrina Krud", the upper respiratory junk everyone has because of bad air, stress and being generally run down from the storm. I hope today is a better day. I'm glad to see you after my trip.
You are my favorite in every category and if we had a "Cute Contest for RevGalBlogPals", you win.
Love, Mrs.C