Friday, November 11, 2005

Mama Ears

When our LS arrived, a bundle of sweet tiny boy with only the hint of the bright red hair to come, I received the gift of "Mama Ears."

This gift has rescued my children from nightmares, sleep walking and crying alone. I heard them then and I hear them now.

I can hear the tick of our oven four miles away. I go turn it off.
A door opens, anywhere in our home, I can hear it.
The magical mama ear phenom allows me to know who, what, where and speed over with comfort, correction or cahoots. I hear you.

Tonight, I heard a nightmare in the house. I touched the sleeper back into another chapter of his dream and he returned to sleep.

But, I am awake.
It's not yet 3 a.m. I meant to sleep through this night because tomorrow is another day. Lots to do on Friday.

I went outside to stare at the clear night sky. I've decided that being able to see the constellations of stars grants good compensation for no trees. I saw Orion's Belt.

I'm so awake. Fish and Whistle, the ginger kittens find me charming company at this hour. I'd rather be asleep. Holding their warm little bodies and looking into their sleepy kitten eyes is a comfort, though. My "mama ears" work with cats, as well.

You all sleep well tonight. The Big Mama Ears are listening out for you. From your city to Orion's Belt, even beyond, those Loving Ears hear and will come.

St. C


annie said...

This makes me think of the children's story where the little bunny says he is going to run away and hide in the trees and the mama bunny says "I will be your tree". It goes on with other analogies and I can't think of the title of the book, but your words reminded me of the way I always felt when reading that book to my children...both loving and loved.

Patti said...

That's why I gat such a good night's sleep last night. I slept like a log. Thanks!

Songbird said...

I slept well, too. Thank you.

annie, I think that's "The Runaway Bunny," by Margaret Wise Brown, who also wrote the beautiful and wondrous "Goodnight, Moon."

peripateticpolarbear said...

Your comment reminds me of a magnet someone gave me...hangs in my kitchen....(I have metal cabinets)
Barn burnt down
Now I can see the moon.

see-through faith said...

PPB great comment, and brings some comfort too.

St C know what you mean about mama's ears. Thanks for your prayers for OUR sleeping. I had bad insomnia earlier this week (1.5 h sleep total) but slept well the past two nights, which has been a real blessing.

Lord we ask for Your blessing hand on St C's life, her family, and her community. Amen

annie said...

Songbird, Yes! That's the one! Thanks.