Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm Baccckkk!

You wouldn't believe the New Orleans Airport. We flew in from Newark to Houston to New Orleans late yesterday afternoon. The day was darkening. The airport's big spath lilies were slumped over from lack of water. The terminal was mostly empty as was the parking garage. I've never seen the airport like this. Many of the shops were closed and, I was told, hadn't been open since the hurricane. Eerie. Spooky. Not-quite-right.

I saw the City as we flew in from the west. Blue roofs. Trees down in paths through the forest. The wetlands looked brown but this may be a Fall thing.

Actual Conversation Had in NYC:

Taxi Driver: What country are you from?
St. Casserole: The country of Mississippi

We saw the 25 Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Charming
And, John Lithgow in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Delightful.

I bought a sterling silver bangle at the Green Flea Market at Columbus and 77th. The bracelet reads, " You are never too old to do goofy stuff.---Ward Cleaver". I felt it was MADE for me.

We ate pastries from Fluffy's Bakery every night to keep our strength up.

We did the Bloomies thing, too. Did you know that they have an Eileen Fisher Petite department? I had to buy a few things to encourage the Economy of our Great U.S.A.

We slept as though we were exhausted. Our room was like a cave of quiet dark. Other travelers with us are slab owners (nothing left but the slab) or displaced to other states. We had a great time together when we ran into our fellow Mississippi travelers around the city. I'm so glad we all got together this year. We needed it.

We did the Chinatown run but didn't find much of interest. I'd promised my people that I wouldn't go down dark alley's for fake purses this year and, true to my word, I stayed out on the street.

We walked by the Church of Scientology building and paused to look at a sign in the window. A very young man popped out of nowhere and chirped, " Come on in, Girls, here is a free ticket to a movie. Let's go in!!!" We didn't. Services on Sunday are at 11am. Just so you know. A more interesting church to me is "St. Benedict of the Moors" which I will research on the 'net because I don't know anything about the "Moor" part. Looked like a beautiful old church.

All that talk about cleaning up for me was just that. Talk. I have mountains of laundry to do. Floors are festooned with chewed up dog toys and the kittens are high fiving each other as they thunder through the hallways. Another toy mouse landed in the water bowl.

A good time was had by all.

St. Casserole


peripateticpolarbear said...

sounds like you took quite a bite out of the big apple.

Quotidian Grace said...

I'd say that if you had a conversation in English with your NYC cabbie, you were truly blessed! I always seem to get the guy who just arrived from Ethiopia. Glad you had a good time!

annie said...

Welcome back!

will smama said...

Welcome home my friend. I am so glad you had that time to be with friends, laugh hard, and splurge on you a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Natala said...

i was once in that spelling bee! :)
ah, ny :)
glad you had a good time.