Wednesday, November 16, 2005

St. Casserole has left the House

Well, as you know, Mrs. C has left for NYC. Left the house, left the blues signing cats, left the Dawg, left the church and Sunday service, left the LS, left me, left a bacon quiche in the frig, and left some Beck's dark in the wine cooler for her LH. She will be gone nearly a week.

Generally, I only post during natural disasters when all communication to the outside world is difficult. But, I am thinking of the possibilities here. We could have a week of non-St.C manly discussion:

Thursday: How to gut a Red Snapper.
Friday: Grilling Pork Loin: A Religious Experience?
Saturday: the Dawg, Ain't he Great
Sunday: Where would Jesus Play: New Orlean's Saints or New England Patriots?
Monday: Why Can't Women be More like Men?
Tuesday: Open day. ( I will be too busy trying to clean up the mess around the house with LS)
Wednesday: Rant day. ( Frankly, I will still be cleaning the house)
Thursday: Open discussion about the great topics while LW in NYC!

Well, just in case I don't get to it, that's the plan. LS and I are currently keeping ourselves quite occupied. We have a bet on how many pieces of popcorn the dawg can eat.

Can't wait,
Mr. C


Songbird said...

Can the Dawg catch the popcorn in midair?
(Big fan of the Dawg here; you can't give me too much Dawg.)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Gets the eye-of-the-tiger look when you are about to toss one.
Mr. C

will smama said...

Too funny Mr. C - too funny.

Songbird said...

Just don't try the toxic tossers (grapes, raisins, chocolate chips), no matter what Whistle and Fish say.

reverendmother said...

Hmm, maybe I should encourage R to post in my name for the next week. Could be good. I wonder if "Mars and Venus in the Blogosphere" has come out yet.

peripateticpolarbear said...

two men and a dawg....hey wasn't that a movie?

the reverend mommy said...

Still waitin for the "how to gut a fish" lecture. Might come in handy.

Blogger word verification:
Dr. Mint Julep. OK, I can do that.

Aola said...

I'm with you on the grilled pork loin... oh,my. We have a (male) friend who does one every once in a while and invites us over.. definitely a religious experience.

Anonymous said...

I was so busy today, then ate supper out, and spent a hour w/ LS picking out really cool kung foo films.

Anyway, I was too busy to blog on the myriad ways of fish cleaning.

But, just in case, clean the fish, scale (when appropriate),then clean out the stomach cavity, remove the gills and surrounding tissue. Leaving the head on is a personal choice.

Mr. C

Lorna said...

leave the head on - so it can stare at you? no thanks

welcome back Mr C - it's fun to see your family life through your eyes :)

Leslee said...

It's so nice that Mrs C lets you blog!