Monday, November 14, 2005

Katrina Ditz

As a serious, no-nonsense woman, I value discipline. Mental discipline means focus, selection of what goes in the brain area and respect for study. However, I must note here that I am going through a time of Post Katrina Ditz. "Ditz" meaning "ditzy" meaning scattered, unfocused and forgetful.

While showering yesterday, I forgot if I'd washed my hair so I washed it again.
I walk into a room with purpose then can't remember what purpose drew me in.
I want to tell the LH something then don't recall what the something was.

It's worse than this. My brain is overloaded with details, feelings, extra work, visual misery and more. I have KATRINA DITZ.

I'm not alone. Among my friends, we can hardly focus enough to multi-task. Rotten situation for women, you see. We women can do ten things at once. With KD, we begin one thing then can't recall why.

I suppose men have KD. How would we know? Most evidence points to male insurance adjusters and contractors who can't remember to call clients back or remember to show up for appointments.

How my hair turned from natural red to nutmeg brown was a KD from the hairdresser.
When the lady in front of me at the grocery paid for her basket of bags then walked out to her car empty-handed, this was KD.

I imagine we all have a tad of post traumatic stress down here. KD is a more charming name for being addle-brained.

Solution? Make lists. Carry lists with you. Pin list on t-shirt with safety pin, if necessary. Follow list. Make notes of anything of importance. Don't change purses. Write down who you are calling on the phone so you can focus on their name. Laugh when you call your husband the wrong name! HA HA HA! It was just a joke, Sweetie. I know your name! Can't call it right now, but I know it!

Write your own name somewhere easy to find. Refer to own name from time to time to keep it fresh in your mind.




Kathryn said...

Dearest Sister Pot-roast
I do so love the way that you can make us laugh while still making the awfulness of life very real to us. I live in a constant state of ditz, with no reasonable cause whatsoever apart from being me, so can identify with you madly on one level, while continuing to be awestruck by the way you and yours are coping with all this.
I may not keep track of everything that I intend to do, but I do remember to keep praying for all of you.
Kathryn xx

reverendmother said...

I love you St. Whoever You Need to Be.

cheesehead said...

Oh sweetie, here's praying that they find a cure for KD in our lifetime. Much love.

Friday Mom said...

Oh, it must be so frustrating, but you do know it's normal given what you've been through. Love and hugs from me too.

Quotidian Grace said...

"Katrina Ditz"--love it! LOL

Now I have a name for it.

Whatsherface Grace.

peripateticpolarbear said...

At camp we have this really cool button maker. You want I should make you a button nametag? You know as a ministry to others? And yourself?

Hang in there!

Songbird said...

All that, plus the Kitten Puppy Wars? It's too much, St. Pancake, just plain too much.

Lorna said...

St Pancake ... I love it

bless your sense of humour in a rotten situation.

Have a wonderful trip to NY an awesome reunion and thanksgiving with DD and LH

may you also have time to laugh with joy