Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Call me "Mrs. Maudlin" if you will, but I'm counting losses this morning. As the year ends, and the day after I returned our LD to NC, I'm aware of loss.
Here's the list of "Losses of 2005":

1. Destruction of LH's office by Hurricane Katrina. LH restored a historic building last year and filled it with employees who, like him, were happy to get away from downtown to better parking, natural light and a beautiful place to work. LH had less than a year in the new building before the storm took it all away. All except the steps which remain as "steps to nowhere" in our Coastal scene.

2. Having LD live in NC with LLS and LSiL for the school year. LD begged to be sent to boarding school for the 8th grade until the hurricane tore up her school, displaced her friends and put her in the competent hands of her aunts. She's in a fabulous school system this year. She has field trips, Spanish in the 8th grade, lots of resources available and bright, motivated teachers. But, we miss her here.

3. I lost the last shred of my trust in the federal government to protect the citizenry. If you think the U.S. Government will keep you safe in a disaster, forget it. Or, if you think the gov. will come to your aid quickly or appropriately, forget this, too. On a related note, anyone else noticing the upswing of medical drug recalls because the FDA makes decisions based on who pays what rather than what drugs work?

4. The "Christmas Day" mega-church worship discussion brought by some big churches scrapping Christmas Day worship to give their staff a break, adds another loss to this list. Before now, despite Jehovah's Witnesses and some others, we Christians shared the Lord's Day (Sunday) as a common time of regular worship. Now we don't. Lord's Day worship moves from being a discipline of the community to a performance time and if one serves 50,000 at Christmas Eve services, there is no obligation to gather for worship the next day. Sunday passed from a shared commitment to "just another day". Harumphh!

5. The loss of Rusty, the Greatest Ginger Cat Who Ever Lived, in July 2005. Thank you, God, for letting me know that wonderful creature You made and allowed me to love for years.

I can sing more tunes than just mauldlin songs, so stay tuned for the Gains of 2005.

St. Casserole


see-through faith said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm thankful you can share it here and we can continue to lift you in prayer.

I too dispair that churches were closed on Christmas morning. But I came to the realisation that if they wouldn't open on Christmas day ordinarily they are missing the reason and there's little I can do about it except mourn with you :(

depressing really!

Quotidian Grace said...

I empathize with your feeling of loss in sending LD to NC. Even though there were times I thought I would have LOVED to send one of my DD's away when they were in 8th grade--I couldn't do it barring the type of disaster y'all faced. Prayers for everyone as she finishes the school year away from home.