Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Morning

Songbird asks about our Christmas decorating in her Friday meme. I didn't read the meme at her site but saw that all my pals read and responded in theirs.

I haven't decorated anything except my kitchen door. I found a bright wreath at a garage sale on Saturday and hung it as soon as I got home from the sales.

I intend to decorate but I've been busy. We said goodbye to our visiting work crew after worship yesterday. They were lovely folks and I'm sorry to see them go but when I have guests, it's difficult for me to do much house stuff.

I visited after worship with a family who are blue-roofed from the hurricane and who have gotten interior water damage since the storm because the FEMA roofers didn't quite protect the roof. You'd think that you could find a roofer to replace a roof twelve weeks after the storm but NO. Too many roofs, not enough roofers to repair damaged houses. Now, they'll have to move into a FEMA trailer when before, they had simple roof damage.

It's gray, cloudy and a bit chilly here this morning. Looks like December. Yesterday we were steaming with a 78 high. No wonder people are sick.

I'll drink more coffee, read my devotional, pray, then return here with something positive to say.

Happy Monday Morning, Y'all,


Songbird said...

It's an act of faith to find the positive at all in your world now, and some days you do.
Do you have the address for my Typepad blog? It's

Quotidian Grace said...

We had the same weather experience. Yesterday when we left worship it was at least 25 degrees cooler than when we arrived. Yikes! No wonder I was freezing in the sanctuary which still had the a/c cranked up...

I'm sorry about your friends' roof. Alas, I'm sure this is an all-too-common story. I heard today that one of our church members is working full time in the Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange area doing post-Rita construction. There's a lot of waiting everywhere.