Friday, December 30, 2005

Fish here. Guess what? You know how we kittens break stuff all over the St. Casserole's home? Well, this morning, we are going to get fixed! That's what they told us. We get to ride in the car in Cat Carrier and get fixed!
We can't eat breakfast until later (bummer!) and we will have a new kind of cat litter for several days!
Whistle says that getting fixed sounds weird to him since we are perfect. What does he know? He jumps on kitchen counters.
Oh! Forgot to tell you! We are four months and two days old today! I bet we get prizes!
I'll tell you all about it when I get to blog again.



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...


Sweet sweet kitty....I sure do look forward to this update...

Songbird said...

Dear Whistle and Fish,
When you are feeling better, our mom will have some little presents for you. She really likes kittens! (Puppies, too. Check her bags and pockets.)
Molly and Sam
Nicky, Baby and Puss Puss

Kathryn said...

oh babies....
words fail, really!
But even the mightly Tallis and Teddy have trodden this'll be fine! Sore, but fine

Emily said...

Dear W and F,

It'll be ok.

Wilbur (speaking for Houdini as well, who is hiding under the futon in hopes of avoiding a vet visit himself).

Mary Beth said...

Rest easy, kitties. It'll be over before you know it. Easy for me to say, right?

Emily said...

Houdini has left a message on his human's blog.

Hope all is well.

mibi52 said...

Message to Whistle and Fish from Mia and Spooky-

Eat only soft cat food for a couple of days.

We know.

We speak from experience.

We feel your pain.

Humans are a mixed blessing sometimes...

Mia & Spooky
They who Rule the House

Lorna said...