Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today, I'm Ms. Cheerful. Let's consider the gains of 2005:

1. Another year of marriage to Mr. C aka LH. He is kindness in chaos, understanding in distress and fun every day.

2. Many books read and most enjoyed. New characters, places and worlds to visit all within the pages of paper. Audio books kept me company to and from Little Church.

3. Kittens and more kittens. Assumpta and Dibley in July, Whistle and Fish when I returned from evacuating. The Cat Psychiatrists recent diagnosis of Assumpta as "dim" gives her a place within the Coterie of My Cats because I've loved dims over the years. I'll check out their findings when I go to NC again. Perhaps Assumpta is a Mississippi evacuee in a University context and doesn't understand the paradigm.

Dibley took a bath in a garden tub recently and must have learned to swim as he deep water. Further, he explored the Great Dark while confined to a deep kitchen drawer for 12 hours sitting in a pan. I guess he jumped into the drawer, kept quiet while the drawer closed then spent the night there. Curiosity is Dibley D'Wayne "Curiousity" other middle name.

Whistle and Fish are interchangeable in appearance but show distinct personalities. I tried to mark one of 'ems head with a magic marker dot but this didn't work.

4. An influx of workers to help churches after the storm enlivened our home this year. Missionaries from Brazil along with intrepid South Carolinians came for days and over nights. Preachers from North Carolina as well as preachers from North Mississippi slept on our sofas, in the LD's room and we liked them all. I did get a tad testy hearing the South Carolinians say, "Thank God for Mississippi" which means we are the only state between them and national dissing.

5. I gained a new perspective on church re-development from the hurricane losses to buildings and congregations. The fields are white for harvest here and if you have any sense, you'll try to come pastor one of these damaged churches. Or, come be a new church development pastor because our Presbytery plans to start two churches.

6. My heart expanded seeing destruction and loss. This is a good thing. Eventually. I trust God to heal the broken portions around me and, God willing, allow me to participate in God's work here.

7. I served another year as pastor of Little Church. I can't believe how fortunate I am to know them and to have one place to preach after years of roving around pulpits all over the Presbytery.

8. I watched old poots retire from Presbytery committees, churches and etc. Perhaps new energies will emerge to take our Presbytery in better directions. I'm praying for this.

9. I learned to sit through at least 5 movies this year. My family is pleased.

10. Our children flourished, proved to be adaptable, matured in good ways and gave us a great number of hilarious moments.

You all kept me company throughout 2005. Thanks!

St. Casserole


cheesehead said...

It makes my heart sing to read these. Much as I empathize with the things that have hurt you this year (and I do, I really do) I'm glad that you are able to turn from the shadow side now and again. Indeed you are blessed, as are we to have you in our lives.


PS-my friends from St. Stoic are very excited to come down next week!

Kathryn said...

Dearest St Cass, the pleasure has been entirely ours.It is so lovely knowing you,- and all my other revgalpals too, of course. More hugs xx

Lorna said...

Blessings to you

there is much to be thankful in such a horrible year of loss

one of the things I am grateful for is your honesty as you've blogged about the loss,the heartache and the stress since Katrina.

erm do you think they'd let me pastor a church out there sis?? :)

hugs and heaps of blessings

Quotidian Grace said...

RE: "the old poots" retiring from presbytery committees--from your mouth to God's ears!!!!!

St. Casserole said...

Lorna, why not give a look around to see if there is a place for you here. Stuff is changing and we need new blood. Thanks for even thinking about it!

Apostle John said...

Great to reflect on both the good and the bad :)

Mary Beth said...

Hooray for you!

Still hoping to get down your way in February with a mission group from my church. :)