Sunday, December 18, 2005

Songbird's Friday Holiday Meme

1) Have you ever gotten a really good kiss under the mistletoe? Tell the truth. Spare no details. Was the mistletoe real, because kisses under the fake stuff do. not. count.
Yes, at a Union Seminary Christmas party, as I was leaving, I grabbed the best looking guy at the Seminary and kissed him under the mistletoe. Then, I left. Breathless.

2) Do you know anyone who makes real eggnog, not the stuff from the carton? And if so, do you actually like it?
A church member in Metairie made REAL eggnog for Mardi Gras and called it "Milk Punch."
It was the best ever.

3) What's your favorite Christmas party album/CD ever?
I don't have a favorite although I enjoy hearing about 4 minutes of JINGLE CATS at my LLS's home.

4) Does your office/workplace have a party? Do the people there ever behave the way people in movies behave at office parties, which is to say, badly?
Nope, no party for us!

5) If you have to bring something to a party, what is it likely to be? Do people like it?
Whatever I can throw together at the last minute which appear to be the result of hard work and is presented in a holiday dish.


Apostle John said...

Gee, you Union Seminary folks :) Columbia folks are so dull in comparison :)

Emily said...

Funny, I was just going to say something about "figures, Union Seminary. . ." (Not that anything untoward ever happens at Episcopal seminaries. . .)

Purechristianithink said...

Now, see, at MY Union, (UTS-NYC), a heterosexual mistletoe kiss would have been considered incredibly tame . . .

peripateticpolarbear said...

This is utterly, utterly shocking!
I thought you were an Austin grad. Is it possible that not one but two PCUSA seminaries have an event with cheerleaders?

Oh but the mistletoe kiss---I'd expect nothing less from you St. Cassie!