Saturday, December 10, 2005

Whistle and Fish, resident ginger kittens, review Disney's THE LION WITCH AND THE WARDROBE:

Whistle: First, the Mom doesn't die. This is good. Disney is big on dead moms and we don't like that.
Fish: Second, Disney did a pretty good job making a movie from one of our favorite books. Some stuff is invented, but we liked seeing what the Wardrobe looked like.
W: The main thing about this movie is that the hero is a cat.
F: Yeah, a big lion is the Christ figure. We like this image. The bad guys were wolves and dog things. Yuk. If you want to make a scary movie, a really scary movie, make the villains dogs.
W: I didn't like all the fur coats in that wardrobe. I hope they were fake fur. Fur belongs on animals, not people.
F: Thank you, Mr. PETA!
W: Well, it's gross to wear animal fur unless God gave it to you.
F: Moving on, the movie is long and if you get bored you can chase popcorn kernels under the seats. Just keep away from big human feet, if you do. The theater was packed.
W: I don't know what the evangelicals will do with LIKING a Disney movie. I thought evangelicals didn't approve of Disney.
F: Ever wonder why our Mom gets mad about the media using the word "evangelical" to mean conservative believers? She believes in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ but I don't think she's a fundie or creepy.
W: This is a movie review. Keep to the topic.
F: Just wondering.... Anyway, we love CS Lewis and think his "God in the Dock" is a great apologetic even if the references are dated.
W: Yeah, we like Lewis.
F: We have a cousin named "Lewis."
W: Keep to topic...
F: To sum up, we liked the movie. Cats are good; dogs are bad. Wolves give me nightmares.
We like the fawns and those beavers. The animation stuff is wonderful.
W: I think God is a big lion. Really big.
F: Probably.


Rev. Mike said...

My wife is a dog person, but since our Shih Tzu looks like a cat, she thinks this is probably OK.

Songbird said...

Some dogs are very, very good. I am a very nice dog. I'm sure Aslan would like me very much. My brother Sam and I don't look like wolves. We look like really big stuffed animals. And we don't want to hurt you. We just want to sniff you. A lot.
Your friend,

the reverend mommy said...

Little Kitty says:
I have a cousin named Lewis, too. And one named Clive and one named Jack. I wonder if we are related?
Here's a hope that you get new brand new catnip mouses this Christmas.

Word Verification:

Emily said...

Wilbur and Houdini think that Whistle and Fish are the most brilliant reviewers around, and give them two anchovies up. Well, after they finish taking their naps.

Mary Beth said...

I'm an outstanding dog, but only weigh 5 lbs. I look like a dust mop!

I love Aslan but I'm glad I didn't have to be in the battle; I'm easy to step on. Dad stepped on my paw by mistake this morning. :(

I'm sitting on Mom's shoulder while she writes (and sometimes kissing her cheek). Sending my best to you writing cats! Narnia and the Lion!


Aola said...


" I don't know what the evangelicals will do with LIKING a Disney movie. I thought evangelicals didn't approve of Disney."

I had the same thought.... hmmm. Wonder how the boycott is going?

Lorna said...

Mindy the four legged evangelist writes:

"I think that the idea of God being a GREAT BIG CAT is scary! Then I heard those kids discussing Him and they said He isn't safe (told you so!) but He is good. Erm. Still scary I think

Then someone told me His greatest enemy is like a great cat, making a lot of noise, but really isn't a great cat at all. Just an imposter.

Cricky - two out there. One good but not safe, and the other roaring and yet phoney. My my my. Time to put out the olive bone, I mean cat snack to the feline world methinks

blessings, your friendly retriever,
Mindy "

mibi52 said...

Mia and Spooky, who are not really felix catus but a pantera tigris and pantera pantera, think Aslan is way cool!