Friday, December 16, 2005

Whistle and Fish: The Kitten Report

Here we are and we are happy. We eat lots of kitty chow. We have furry mice to bat around the house AND we have a stuffed toy hamster we love the best. We make many noises like breaking Christmas decorations and knocking stuff off our Human's desk.

Here are the rules of our house:
Don't get on the kitchen counter. You get sprayed with water if you do.
Don't paw or climb the Christmas tree. You get sprayed with water if you do.
Don't go in Mom's closet.

Our Humans can't tell us apart. We look alike because we are brothers. If I get in trouble, I say it is my brother who did it. He says the same!

Whistle stays sopping wet most of the time.

We believe that curiousity is a virtue. Napping is another virture. Purring is a beautiful sound.

We are over 100 days old so we know these things.


Whistle and Fish


Lorna said...

hey how do those humans tell you apart really?

Michelle said...

They look just like my kitties! I have one adult orange cat and one kitten (about 5 months old). As the kitten continues to grow, it gets harder and harder to tell them apart...

Sue said...

Oh Whistle and Fish, you are looking so grown up!! You've gotten so big from all that good kibble. You are very sweet boys and I know you bring your humans lots of joy. I won't tell them that you walk on the kitchen counter at night when they're sleeping. That's our little secret...

peripateticpolarbear said...

So cute!

the reverend mommy said...

It seems on nose is slightly longer than the other? One face might be rounder.... or that could just be the camera angle.
I want a kitten for Christmas.... Little Kitty needs a friend.

will smama said...

Howdy boys! Great post and thanks for the idea of hijacking our Mommys' websites. I have come out of the ribbon eating closet on preacher, blogger and procrastinator?

What flavor ribbon is your favorite?