Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mindy writes about gratitude this morning. I think I'll join her:

I'm grateful for:

*the preacher dinner party last night. It's over now and I can go back to the work pile on my desk. The LH cooked pork tenderloin, carrots and I made the salad. Preachers said of the meal, "I haven't had a good meal like this in weeks!"

*the wonderful Community Dark Roast Coffee in my Portmerion mug this morning. I'd correct the Port...spelling but I'd spill my java.

*a overcast Winter sky with dark clouds moving quickly.

*two ginger kittens on my lap purring away their rough night with the dog.

*having the money to expand our evangelism program at the church thanks to the donations of Presbyterians around the country to our Presbytery

*Clinique Lipstick in "Rasberry Glace" the suggested color for all clergy gals

*Christmas patterned china in the dishwasher

*Having LH in the house along with LS and missing LD

*Watching the faces of the preachers last night as they chose donated books to replace their storm damaged libraries

*being able to pay bills

What's your list?


St. Casserole

Bits and Odd Pieces of Mindy's Kingdom


nightwoodkitty said...

Raspberry Glace is a favorite NC real gal shade as well.

Tonight at the uppadachurch party we are having a nice menu -here is how it is written "roasted pork lion..." Aslan on the brain?

Have you left the home roasting community, St. Cass.? Here's a recommended recipe: Brazilian beans + those Ethiopian ones no one can spell, that start with a "Y."

peripateticpolarbear said...

One of those items fills me with special gratitude, too. I'm glad that you can see the blue between the clouds.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Your reading my blog.

Pigs in a blanket on the sharing table this morning.

Peppermint taffy.

Emily said...

Mmm--excuse to go by the Clinique counter.

mibi52 said...


Roast pork. Yum!

I got on a cookie baking binge today - working from home this afternoon - and made peanut butter chocolate kiss ones, coconut macaroons, and am now baking little mini gingerbread loaves. Now that all the shopping is done, and all items that have arrived are wrapped, I can enjoy myself! I'm grateful for the kitchen, the ingredients, the equipment,the neioghbors who will receive a goodly part of it, and the loving family who will eat the rest of this stuff,since it is NOT GOOD FOR ME (shouting to remind myself!)

I'm grateful that an annoying work problem resolved itself without my having to step in and tell people to behave and stop yelling at each other.

I'm grateful that I don't have to drive downtown in the icestorm tomorrow - I can work from home or take the Metro if I really have to go.

I'm grateful that - like tonight and Sunday - I occasionally get the opportunity to conduct our church choir. We're doing a real British style Lessons and Carols service on Sunday. Can't wait! (I just hope the Excellent choir is there tonight, and not the Evil Twin choir...)

I'm grateful that StrongOpinions is in the home stretch in getting her college applications done.

I'm grateful for PH, who is a prince among men.

Lovely thought, Cass and Mindy!

Lorna said...

grateful my Swedish exam is over . I think I did ok. At least I could work out what we had to do and wrote a lot too!

greatful for so much - and grateful I can go to bed now. It's 11.30pm

but what I really wanted to say St C was I loved it when you wrotea bout the donated books. I could 'see' the pastors facess. Our seminary in Tallinn has received books especially fromt eh USA and the look there is great too. Thank you all for your generosity, especially in the book giving. It makes SUCH a difference!