Sunday, July 10, 2005

Almost Noon on D Day Hurricane Dennis and Landfall

It's quiet here in the Pine Grove. We are having small mists of rain, the sky is gray and the tree tops are moving, not swaying.

I made a second Texas Chocolate Cake and wish Grace would come over and spend the afternoon with us here at the Boarded Up Home of St. Casserole and Her Family. I need some company.

There is a noon curfew to be off the streets so that the police can monitor looters, sight-seeing nutcases and bored teenagers.

I ate a sandwich to keep up my strength and feel awful. The LD and I took tylenol for the barometric pressure headaches the Storms cause.

Listening to our Public Radio station is boring but fascinating as the announcer tells us every detail of how our lives will be changed by tomorrow morning.

The hymn declaring, "Give to the wind your fears" has got it wrong. The WIND is my fear.

I hope the Pine Trees hold. They are tall, old and close-by. If you ask why they haven't been cut down you must speak to my LH who loves trees and removes only the sick trees.

I'll report in as long as the power holds.

We are fine. Brave and careful. Keep us in your prayers.

St. Casserole


Songbird said...

I'm baking a Solidarity Texas Sheet Cake, but it doesn't look cooked after 25 minutes. Which is worse? 3 more minutes in the oven, or gooey cake later? Ack! Was a 9 X 13 pan really right, or should it have been a jelly roll pan?
But seriously, I'm watching the weather report and can't believe they have people standing outside measuring the wind on camera. Anderson Cooper on CNN is starting to sound a bit hysterical at this point.
We prayed for you and yours at church this morning, and your visit to the grocery store was a story in my sermon.
Continuing to pray for you and yours.

BayouMaMa2 said...

Good to know that all is still well where you are. Still praying for you and yours.

the reverend mommy said...

We prayed for you this morning as well, using your prayer.
I'm going to bak a Solidarity Texas Sheet Cake as well....

Quotidian Grace said...

I'm with you in spirit St. Cass, and glad the cake has been helpful.

Songbird, it really is a 9x 13 pan. 3 more minutes in the oven won't hurt it, though. The cake continues cooking once it's out of the oven.

We prayed for everyone in the path of the storm this morning at church and I sent extra prayers on behalf of the Cassarole family.

Friday Mom said...

Praying for you and all affected by the storm here as well. Not much for baking, but I'd be happy to eat a piece of someone's Solidarity cake. :-) I'll be making some coleslaw for tonight's church picnic in a bit, using a recipe from a very popular restaurant in Abilene, Kansas. Would be happy to send some your way.

reverendmother said...

I love that the blogpals are all making Texas sheet cakes!

I'm told that it also works in a jelly roll pan, but we've never been brave enough to try it--seems like it would overflow. I'm sure one could figure out the volume of the two pans and compare, but frankly I don't want to work that hard.

At any rate, Grace is right that a few more minutes is ok, and will still be moist beyond belief.

Songbird said...

Y'all, it seems so silly to be fretting about a cake on such a day, but thanks for your reassurances. I'm watching CNN where they ar waying the Eye Wall is making landfall east of Pensacola.
When we prayed for the Casserole family this morning, I realized I didn't know what to call them (my friends on the Gulf Coast?), and finally just prayed for my friend 'Cassie' and her family. :-)

BayouMaMa2 said...

That's funny Songbird...when I was praying for Cassie, I didn't know what to call her I just prayed for St. Casserole and her family and chuckled a little under my breath. :-)

So glad everyone there is okay.

St. Casserole said...

I began to make the icing 10 minutes after I put the cake in the oven. I sifted the powdered sugar for the second cake. Remember? I made the first cake and it was gone immediately. I didn't have pecans for the icing but the richness of the chocolate is great with nuts or without. I made both cakes with butter rather than margarine.
If you come over right now, I can offer you some of the great Grace's Cake. An hour from now? Will be gone probably.
Many thanks for your prayers and concerns. We seem to be doing fine at 4:41pm. CST

annie said...

Hmmm, that cake sure sounds yummy!

I realized again this morning how good it is that God knows all there is about us, so that when we pray for St. Casserole (and others) by their blog names, He knows exactly who we are referring to.

So glad to hear you are doing well.