Sunday, July 10, 2005

Birds are Singing

Awake at 5:45 am. this morning, I wandered outside to listen for the birds and look at the sky. The birds are singing and sound as busy as they do on a non-hurricane threatening day. The sky looks grey. The giant pine trees are still and ready for winds to come.

If it were not for modern communication tech, we wouldn't know a big 4 hurricane was coming at us. We just wouldn't. The old people looked for ants to run up a certain side of trees to determine bad weather. Shrimpers and sailors looked for certain currents and signs. People register the change in barometric pressure by a swelling of energy to get things done. Anxiety, if you will motivated from deep in the human core.

Now we have the wonderful Hurricane Fighters who fly out of an Air Force base in Mississippi surveying the storm. TV keeps us informed although the drama of the Weather Channel is well known. A few days ago, a Weather Channel reporter stood on a local beach looking like Hell was coming at him shrieking about the horrible conditions. I know the area where he was standing. There are ALWAYS wooden planks strewn there because people have bonfires on the beach. He was showing the board on the beach as if half of the community had blown up and washed away. The Weather Channel's dramatics (Hold on to that Palm Tree and make your slicker hood tight!)
worry those who aren't close to the area. The WC picks the best shots for pictures, not for an accurate picture of events. My Up East family get upset seeing these shots thinking that we are hanging from trees and fighting 50 feet waves.

My internal forecast mechanism says that we are in for a rough day but, God willing and we act wisely, we can through this.

I do not look forward to this day but I ask God to help me live it to God's praise.
I'll write more. This seems to help me calm down.

Did I tell you that local church's canceled services?

Dry for now,
St. Casserole


SEAWITCH said...

Don't you just love the Weather Channel. Last year during Hurricane Ivan they werre showing the conditions in Biloxi and all they could come up with for drama was a garbage can rolling down a parking lot. It least it broke the tension and we had a good laugh about it.

SpookyRach said...

We'll be thinking of you. I understand about the weather channel. We have a weatherman here we call Chicken Big who runs around basically screaming "Run for your lives!" any time a storm rolls over.

BayouMaMa2 said...

Our services have been cancelled also. As for the weather reporters, I'm waiting for one of them to get seriously injured out there on live television. My father shakes his head and gets so upset and says stuff like, "one of these days a sheet of tin's gonna take one of their heads off."
After a while, I just need to turn the TV off and take a break from it.