Saturday, July 16, 2005

Welcome Asumpta and Dibley

The new little cats found the LD's folded clothes on the floor and felt a nap was necessary.

Meet Dibley (L) and Asumpta (R) who came to our home last week. They are brother and sister and are about 7 weeks old.

I was driving by the humane society last week, still teary about Rusty's death when the traffic stopped so perfectly in front of the shelter that I felt I had to go inside. I asked to see a male orange kitten and met Dibley. The shelter was preparing for Hurricane Dennis and said that I'd be happy if I took both kittens as they were getting kitten-crowded and would need to evacuate all the animals because of the storm. I
delayed a day to pray about taking two kittens and wanted my family to meet the little kids. Everyone thought the kittens were delightful, especially Asumpta who was frisky and very purr-y.

I'm so glad to introduce these two to you. I love having them with us. The new Alpha Cat, Andy, is beginning to catch on that he is Top Cat. Last week was rough for him with Rusty's absence.
He hissed at Dibley in male territorial fashion several times but has now realized that Dibley is not much of a threat.

The LH sent me a picture of the Cat Lady action figure. I didn't think it was funny. Well, not really funny.

You doing ok?


Sue said...

oh, they're soooooo beautiful. I love the white whiskers on Asumpta, very lovely. And I always love it when cat siblings stay together.

Anna said...

Dibley as in Vicar of? V. appropriate! Congrats, they're both gorgeous.

mibi52 said...

Darling kitties! Animal friends are such a wonderful thing.

May I make a movie suggestion? "March of the Penguins", an exquisitely photographed documentary on Emperor Penguins and their life on Antartica. They hike 70 miles inland to safe ice to mate, produce an egg, then take turns holding the egg in a little pouch resting on their claws while the other of the pair walks 70 miles back to the sea to feed, walks 70 miles back to feed the infant penguin, all in very harsh surroundings.The hand-off of the baby between the two parents must be perfectly performed, or the egg or baby will freeze to death. Makes our lives (and those of dear Assumpta and Dibley) seem quite calm, indeed.

St. Casserole said...

Thank you for the movie suggestion.
And, thank you for helping me recall the CORRECT spelling of Assumpta's name. I kept forgetting the "s", the extra "s".
You da woman!

Kathryn said...

Bally K AND the Vicar....excellent!
Our black and white Jack Russel terrier was named Dillon when he reached us from his previous home, and there was a strong move afoot here to call him Dibley...but my middle son said he could barely cope with one vicar in the family, let alone too.
We still use it as a pet name, though..
The kits are charming...hope they've made everyone very happy.

Songbird said...

What sweet kitties! Our cats are all middle-aged; kittenhood seems a dim memory now.

Friday Mom said...

Very sweet kitties. Assumpta looks like she could be related to our Henry and April. Dibley looks pretty shy. Assumpta looks perfectly at home on those clothes.

Mary said...

Awww, too cute! Congrats on the new additions to your family. I don't say this often, but Hooray for traffic. ;)

the reverend mommy said...

They are beautiful little kitties. I love them at this age -- I get tired of the continual romping at 4:00 am, but they are so cute.

And now off to watch some more episodes of Ballykissangel.... I finished the Vicar last week.

the reverend mommy said...

Chaos just informed me "Duh, they're cute! They're kittens!" Therefore, we can assume through the transative property that kittens=cute.

Entropy now wants a kitten.