Tuesday, July 05, 2005


* There are two tropical things developing in the Gulf. It is cloudy and humid here today. I worry about flood waters.

*The Old Man Cat has kidney disease. He can't get enough water by drinking so I giving him a subcutaneous IV of water solution most days. He's patient through the stick of the IV needle and the wait for the drip because he gets a small amount of shredded cheddar cheese. Not enough water.

* Our friends called yesterday to ask if they could throw themselves into our pool to cool off. Of course they can. They fished out a turtle and several frogs. Turtle and frogs: too much water. People: the refreshment of water.

* I drink lots of water to avoid dehydration from the heat and I come from a family of constant water drinkers. I drink bottled water and our local water (passes clean test) with ice. Water out of the "cold" faucet is hot because of the summer heat.

* I read yesterday as I was moving papers around in my study (ie. cleaning up but getting distracted and stopping to read) from the PCUSA study on families. One line caught my eye about Baptism being the transformation of our identity. Water: Sacramental.

Cleaning, refreshing, comforting, drowning, flooding, healing water.

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