Friday, July 01, 2005

Maybe I'll go to this garage sale from our local Backwater Gazette:

ESTATE SALE. Beautiful furniture, bedroom, dining room, Ovarian china, mirrors, glassware, tools. All at ridiculously low prices! SAT. & SUN. 9am-2pm. XXX St. John. Call XXX-XXXX

One can only imagine what the tablesettings look like.

Have a good weekend. Please don't fire shotguns out your backdoor as fireworks, ok?


Songbird said...

You are having quite a week of fascinating posts!
I wish I were close enough by to check out that china myself...

the reverend mommy said...

What do you suppose they really meant? Maybe it's pink.

Anonymous said...


Probably meant it was oval, but , if not, one could believe it to be, say, Japancese rice china (showing the little seed like rice) or an egg dish?

Don't you love these Archie Bunkerisms?

I once worked at a library and an
old man and a young girl walked up to me and the man said, " Where is your gynecology section?". I know I looked stricken for a section,
of course imagining all sorts of things, but finally said, "The geneology room is to the left."


Anonymous said...


Blogging comment error:
erase "section" and put "second".


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh my, I bet they get alot of lookers! Maybe it is china that an OB/GYN once owned??

Captainwow said...

Ovarian China? Hm. sounds strange to me. :o)

PPB said...

I'm just worried about what kind of silverware you need to get to go with ovarian china

revmom/cheesehead said...

Another use for sanitary napkins!

Ha Ha Ha!

...I got nothin'...