Saturday, July 09, 2005

Texas Chocolate Cake, Banana Pudding and Jambalaya

Ok, so I am a drama queen. The birds are singing. We've had a beautiful day with brief thunderstorms. I just get a bit antsy.

I went to the grocery store twice. It takes a long time to fight the crowds for batteries, bleach, bottled water and enough junk food to fill up a Suburban. I don't know why we buy bleach. I know that clean up involves using bleach to kill mold and possible sewer overflow, but most of us have gallons upon gallons of bleach in the pantry from previous storms. The junk food makes sense. When the power goes, one wants a bit of comfort in candy bars, cookies, chips and crackers. Our home is junk-food-free. When I arrive home with tons of the junkiest stuff possible (powered tiny donuts, oreos, Little Debbie snack cakes, chips) eyes light up and the threat of annihilation seems less dreadful. Bottled water has come a long way. I buy several gallon containers then get cases of the carry around bottles. We use those throughout the year anyway.

Shopping takes a long time because everyone converges on the grocery stores at one time. Even if you've been to the store earlier, you have to go again. I went twice today. I spent most of the time trying to remember where items were located in a store I shop four times a week. My brain is turned down low today. And, I have to visit with six people per aisle, at least. Since we are a small place, we know each other. I have to get everyone's phone number (for phones which will be dead in a few hours) and find out where they will be. Are you going to your Mother's? Will you evacuate to Missy's? Do you have to stay at the hospital all night to work? Who is going to take care of Granny Ladner?

I came home and made Quotidian Grace's Texas Chocolate Cake much to the delight of my family. See her recipe at Then I made Patty's Banana pudding: 2 packages of instant banana pudding made according to directions, one can sweetened condensed milk, one container of the plain cool whip (I told you we were on odd rations), sliced bananas and a box of Nilla Vanilla wafers. After pudding sets, mix together pudding with sweetened condensed milk and cool whip. Line bowl with vanilla wafers, then alternate layers of sliced bananas and pudding mixture. Chill. Eat as if it is your last meal.

We have tons of frozen shrimp in our freezer so TLH is making a jambalaya. He'll put sausage and chicken in, too. We will eat well tonight. Wish you could join us.

Today I did ten loads of laundry. I even did a load of cold water wash linen outfits for me that make no durn sense as they have to air dry then be ironed. Brain turned down very low today.

We will make the decision to board up the house early in the evening after I throw a fit of anxiety and scream at everyone. I bet you didn't think I was a screamer, did you. I'm not often but when I begin to worry that people will be hurt I can blow a gasket. Brain on simmer.

I'll be checking the NOAA weather reports incessantly for as long as we have power. If you don't hear from me tomorrow or Monday assume we are powerless and I'm just off line.

Coveting your prayers. You are probably delighted to be far away from my drama and the impending weather.

The LH came into the study to tell me that he thinks the trough near Texas will push the storm further East and that we will not get much. I looked him straight in the face and took a deep breath. I trust him.


Quotidian Grace said...

I can just feel your anxiety. Glad everyone liked the Texas Chocolate Cake--how can they not, it has all the basic food groups (sugar, fat, chocolate and caffeine).

Bleach is for purifying your drinking water in case a hurricane causes contamination of the local water supply.

I hope the storm misses you and goes in at the least populated area then dies quickly without any loss of life and minimal damage.

Sue said...

i'll be take care.

Songbird said...

I'm so sorry you're living with this anxiety, but I have to say I love the image of everyone meeting in the grocery store and checking in about where they will be staying. It's so intimate and loving.
Praying here...

annie said...

I'm praying too, and glad you are properly nourished for the ordeal.

mibi52 said...

You've got banana pudding and chocolate cake - how can you feel any anxiety at all? and Little Debbies for dessert? Hurricane or no hurricane, I want to come eat at your house!

You're in my prayers, dear. It will be okay. Be careful and eat much cake.

Aola said...

sounds so scary

My oldest son is in Northern AL. I imagine he will only get rain, much rain. Haven't been able to reach him by phone today.

I have a dear friend who moved to FL last year right in time to weather all 4 hurricanes.

I know the anxiety but mine comes with tornado season.

oh, and I have never heard them called mudbugs.. that's a new one on me.

the reverend mommy said...

Cousins in Slidell always called them mudbugs.

I feel your anxiety. Wine would be good with all that chocolate...

St. Casserole said...

Grace's Texas Chocolate Cake is GONE. We had friends over for dinner and they ate a huge chunk then other friends came by and needed to eat chocolate, too.
I have more ingredients and will make another one tomorrow morning.
New Disaster Food: Grace's Texas Chocolate Cake. The best!
The 'Nana Pudding was appreciated, too.

reverendmother said...

Texas Sheet Cake is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Grace will appreciate this--for July 4 this year R fired up the smoker--smelled like Goode Company BBQ for blocks. (They catered our rehearsal dinner 11 years ago.)

He smoked two turkey breasts, some burgers, and two little crocks of jack cheese with spices and sliced jalapenos on top.

Viva Tejas!

BayouMaMa2 said...

I'm right there with you and can relate to everything you said...only I'm not sure I'm as prepared as you are with all of the goodies. :-) I'm all caught up on the wash, too. I'm also anticipating power outage since we lost power for TS Cindy. There's been rumor that TS Cindy may have actually hit us as a Cat 1 hurricane. It was a bit of a scary night. You seem to have good friends here. You are blessed!