Sunday, July 17, 2005

Correction for Archives

mibi52 who comments on my last entry is correct that Assumpta the black kitty with white whiskers is "Assumpta" not "Asumpta". Even taking Southern pronunciations and summer spelling blahs, Assumpta deserves to have her name spelled correctly.

She is the namesake of Assumpta Fitzgerald of Ballykissangel, the BBC series about the English priest in Ireland. Those of you who know the series should not tell the rest of the planet about what happens to Assumpta. My pal Patty fussed at me for not revealing the ending. I'm not sure you can win on this one. We loved the series and are waiting for the other seasons to become available.

I'm waiting for more Deadwood, too.

Hardly a comment to make on a Sunday morning as I prepare to hold forth on Psalm 139.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Al Swearingen would do better if he knew that God listens to all of our words.

Gotta go iron a dress, a linen dress sleeveless which holds no heat, so I won't melt in my vestments. Today's temps will be over 90 degrees.

The Lord be with you.
St. C.


Songbird said...

And also with you, StC.
Most UCC clergy in Maine don't robe in the summer. Hurray! Sometime around Memorial Day the robe goes into the closet and doesn't come out again until Labor Day, other than for weddings and funerals. I like that!
I've only ever seen one episode of Ballykissangel, but I really liked Assumpta, as I recall. And Dibley! Too cute!!

revmom/cheesehead said...

Ah, the robing question. In my humble little church, we have AC, which is wonderful, but a little inadequate for the Robed One (me) unless the ceiling fans are turned on. Then I am still a little warm, but manageable. Problem: the fans cause the lit candles on the table to fling wax all over said table. Folks seem to prefer the lit candles to my robing in summer, but that would not be my first choice. I may have to blog about this over at my place!

St. Casserole said...

Revmom/Cheesehead, would hurricane globes around the candles help? I'm thinking of those clear glass things you put over the candle and candlestick. Or would bobeches on the candles help? I love the word bobeche which means those drip catchers of glass you put over a candle and rest on the candlestick to catch drips.
I wish we had ceiling fans. I think I'll suggest this in our restoration plans.

revmom/cheesehead said...

Well, we've got these schmancy candles that aren't really hurricane-globe friendly. And we already have bobeches, albeit wax-covered ones.

The real issue of course is this: The candles were given to the church by relatively big-time donors, therefore must be lit no matter what the human toll, because the (not completely unfounded) fear is if big-time donors come in on Sunday and the candles aren't lit, they just might grab them off the table and take them home in a huff!

And don't get me started on the piano protocol. (Another "donated" item.)

Ah. life in the small church...

mibi52 said...

Ah, dear St C, didn't mean to seem like I was correcting - it's the ex-Catholic in me that I automatically spell Assumpta that way. My DH (low-church Swedish Pietist sect minister) just rolls his eyes around names like Assumpta.

Try to stay cool...and, please tell us about the "piano protocol"...

St. Casserole said...

Mibi, I was happy to be reminded of the correct spelling. I took no offense and knew you meant none.
Glad to hear from you. Where is your blog?

mibi52 said...

I haven't a blog (yet). I suppose at some point I'll start writing one. A little background in lieu of: I'm a middle-aged government relations exec in the Washington DC area with three grown or almost grown kids plus two grown stepsons plus two teensy step-grandkids. I'm in the midst of the Episcopal discernment process and I'm hoping to go to seminary next August (our process is very front-loaded). I love reading your tales of real life ministry as a woman,a part of my self-education for ordained ministry - presuming, of course, that I'll get through this process and be allowed to go to seminary. Found your blog very circuitously (is that a word?) via Sarah Laughed via Real Live Preacher via my spiritual director. My husband is ordained in another denomination and works full time as a pastoral counselor (MDiv and PhD from Princeton Seminary). Our household includes two cats, one of whom thinks she's a dog, and one gecko named Moses. Life is good!

St. Casserole said...

mibi, thanks for telling us more about yourself. I wish I knew how to do a list of all the revgals who blog and the pals of revgals who blog. I love this group! If you link to some of those who comment here, you are in for a treat!
Blogspot is free and easy to use. I'd love to read your blog and encourage you to start blogging ASAP. You can keep your privacy.
I'm excited for you as you go through the discernment process. I work with our inquirers and candidates in our presbytery here.
Blog, girlie, blog!

mibi52 said... you've encouraged me to be brave and start one...