Sunday, July 10, 2005

Passing Time

That's what it feels like now. We are passing time. Letting minutes click by until we have to do this or that. Not the time to do all of it. Very much the time to do some of it. I bathed a cat. I cleaned the kitchen. I did another load of laundry. I made another pot of coffee. I read the latest Christian Century article on open theism. That Calvin College professor writes well. I bet he's a good teacher.

Everyone else is either grumping around or in the car "taking a ride." This means they are checking to see how many homes in our neighborhood are boarded up. If there are many boards, we will board. If there are few boarded up homes, we will board up only the side we think the wind will hit. It's not such an easy job to heft sheets of plywood up and then affix to the doors and windows.

Passing time. Wasting time as though time is our enemy instead of life pieces to choose or not choose. Or to choose to not choose. Is this as bad as "killing time"? I detest the concept of negating time by hurting it as though time makes no difference.

Neighborhood is NOT boarded up at 8:35 am. We are NOT in the mandatory evacuation zone.

So, I'm just sitting here calm, huh?

If you are praying for all of us in the Storm, we'd be glad of it.

This is one of the days where we'd enjoy hearing the Still Small Voice of God rather than witnessing the incredible power of God in nature.

Not that God is doing the hurricane-thingie. Your big storms are not God cleaning house and ridding the world of Republicans, Sin and Other Miseries. We live in a natural world so storms happen. We love the Coasts so we build near the water. We have lots of stuff as Americans and can lose quantities of material possessions.

God is with us and that right early. What psalm am I thinking of? God is in the midst of her.

I noticed several errors in the earlier posts. May I have dispensation from the Grammar and Punctuation Police today? Maybe for tomorrow, too?

Considering taking my credit card to the airport, getting a flight to Manhattan and returning when All This is Over,



Quotidian Grace said...

I'm thinking and praying for you and everyone who will be affected by this storm today. Our local news reports that evacuees have filled hotel/motel rooms all over southeast Texas and the Houston area. I'm grateful we can have advance warning and that people heeded it.

BayouMaMa2 said...

I think we are all clear over this way and I'm thankful for it...and yet feel guilty that I've been spared while so many others are about to be slammed. Make any sense to you?
The waiting is tough, as I know and feel compassion for what others will be soon enduring. It looks just awful out there. And you are so right...we (Americans) have much and much to lose. We make our choice to live where we do, knowing full and well what dangers lie ahead when we live near the coast. But if it wasn't hurricanes, it would be something else.
We're not to be so comfortable on this earth...because it's not our real home. We're just passing through and glorifying God with the way we take care of what we have been given here and the way we react when those things are taken away.
Praying for you and your safety.