Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yoo Hoo!

Here's a bit of Bishop William Willimon from the April 24-May 1 2004 Christian Century:

" The people who are called to lead are almost always the wrong people. it is almost as if God goes out of God's way to pick those who, at last on the face of it, have no virtues or qualities that suggest they would be good leaders. I'm thinking of Jacob, Sarah, Mary, Peter and Paul here, as well as of Moses. Perhaps God likes a challenge. Maybe a Creator who makes something out of nothing considers vocation a continuing aspect of creation. Any God who could make a man like Moses into a wonderful leader must be some God."

Thanks for your kind comments about my non-A/C sermon troubles. I've been doing this preaching thing long enough to know when I'm a bomb and when I'm getting across. But, thanks anyway for being so very gracious. I'll be ready to pivot this Sunday. I plan on taking an ice chest of ice and cold water for the Saints. You may wear tank tops, cut-offs and flipflops if you wish.

St. Casserole

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