Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thank you for your kind comments to me about Rusty. The idea for the obituary came from my LLS who I called as soon as I could. She loves cats and lives with two fine felines.

Hearing from all of you is consoling to me. Thank you.

I'm working on the Hope Basket for my friend. You bloggie-pals have great ideas for the contents. I intend to photograph the basket so you can see how it turned out.

The Preachers Luncheon is today. I will load up my tiny car with china, sterling, cloth napkins and a giant casserole, salad makings and two gallons of sweet iced tea for the church where I'll be serving.

I'm short on words today. It's the heavy heart thing. Thanks for being there.


Mary said...

Heavy heart here, too. (The news from London is so horrible today.)

Your friend is so very lucky to have you.
Looking forward to seeing how the basket turned out.

mibi52 said...

Some days, putting one foot in front of the other is the best we can do.

On the other hand, sometimes insanity helps. We have 13 or 14 people showing up at our very tiny house tomorrow night for a potluck dinner.This was supposed to be an outdoors cookout thing, until the tropical storms intervened. If we did that now, we'd drown. So indoors it will be. I think some of them will be eating off the piano...and hopefully, no one will bring beans as a casserole hot dish.

Love and peace, dear.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose there was an elderly lady in a hat on the London Tube this morning whom the Almighty knew would need a well-settled furry comforter cat to ease her into the afterlife? Life is so brutal, let us hope that a divine hand helps smooth out our jagged edges when our time comes.


St. Casserole said...

Amen, Rei. I don't know how it all works out, very few specifics are given in my faith tradition. What is given is the comfort of going from this life to a life of greater love and understanding with the One who loves and understands better than we can imagine.
A furry, settled cat would help me if I were a lady in a hat just going for a wee visit with my sister and got blown up by faceless/senseless hatred before my Tube station stop.